Wet N Wild

Wild Shine Nail Color


Beat And Unbothered V.

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I counted and I have a total of 12 of these nail polishes. I got them on sale for .69cents to $1.00 at Walgreens and I really do enjoy them all. Can't wait to get my hands on the holiday collection. Try them out!!!

Lisa M.
Nice for the price.
Photo of product included with review by Lisa M.

I bought a whole bunch of these the last time Walgreen's had them on sale for $0.69. That's a great price for nail polish. I have yet to try them all but I have tried Tickled Pink. It's a very pastel pink that looks milky. The finish was glossy which I love. The color was cute. This nail polish is not long lasting. Maybe 3 days before chipping began. I'm OK with that. I get bored wearing the same color on my nails for long periods of time. I believe they are around a dollar at regular price so that's good. I like it. I need to try out the other shades I purchased.

Adriana C.
Opaque ; Thickens up fast

I love Wet n Wild nail polish. Tickled Pink is a beautiful pastel milky pink color. I wear it all the time on my toes. I love these polishes however I notice they tent to get thick after a few uses however I put a few drops of acetone nail polish remover and it thins out.. I purchase these nail polishes all the time. cheap and long lasting! highly recommend