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Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner

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Caitlin F.
Love it!

I love this product. I love that it stays when you put it on. It's cheap and it works great!! Getting it off it smears a lot and it takes me more then one wipe to get it off due to the smearing.

Ivet C.

This is my favorite and the only linear i use. its easy to use, washes off fast, and its cheap ! Plus it lasts all day and drys fast when applying it.

Cristine E.
Not bad

Im not a huge fan of liquid liner because its usually hard for me to apply, but this particular one is pretty good. Its the only liquid liner i will ever use. the brush is really thin, great for an easy application. I also like how it dries to a matte finish rather than shiny/glossy.

Celina T.

This is the BEST eyeliner in the drugstore according to me. I have oily eyelids and I usually take off my makeup at 10 pm there is no transfer of this eyeliner no flakiness. I have no issues with this product whatsoever. It dries matte which is a really nice look. It is only $2.99 at my local rite aid and lasts for a while. I've been using this since I was in 8th grade so thats 5 years. I highly recommend you to try this product.

Laura R.
The best eyeliner out there!!!

OMG, I been using this since high school nd if u set it with black eyeshadow is the best, the only thing is that it isn't waterproof which sucks but for everyday use is perfect, for night time is use the fergie gel liner so good, I just bought the sephora one which sucks so bad . The wnw is only 5 bucks nd it doesn't smudge , well done wnw

Roisin  M.
Great Eye Liner!

This is an amazing eyeliner! I've been using it for about a month now and I'm really impressed! The brush is very precise but just be careful you don't have too much eyeliner on the brush before you line your eyes. It's really affordable which is a great plus!

Zoie Z.
Love this

I have been using this product for probably 4 years now and it works fantastic. It give a bold noir color and I don't have to ever go over the 1st coat. I put this on my top lid an waterline and it doesn't really bother my eyes at all. Highly recommend.

Erica R.
Didn't last!!

I had hoped this liner would work great but unfortunately it wasn't. It didn't go on as easy as some other liners and towards half the day, it was coming off. I gave it one more go but no. Really wish it was better

Sofia C.

this is the best liquid eyeliner out there, high end or low end. most liquid eyeliners dry out quick but not this one, and its brush tip allows great precision.

Jessica L.

I really like this eye liner it goes on well and makes a clean straight line and it's so inexpensive! I had really nice cats eyes with this and it comes in so many different colors! I would recommend this