Wet N Wild

Color Icon Eyeshadow Single


Victoria D.
Buy these now!

These went on sale at a local store, and the colors had been luring me closer and closer to buying them for a long time. So I finally gave in and bought a couple. I seriously don't know why I didnt' buy these SOONER! The colors are vibrant, the texture is to die for, and they apply and blend like a dream. So comparable to high end shadows. And at the $2 price range, there is no reason for you not to own them all. Whats even better, is that there are a fair amount of shimmery shades, some glittery shades, and even some matte shades. (Including a gorgeous matte black). Wet N Wild seriously hit the nail right on the head with these babies! I want to buy them all and stick them in a Z-Palette!

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