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Mega Last Lip Color

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Leah E.

I have 8 of these and love every single one! They have en extremley high colour pay off. They are also very moisturising and are comfortable to wear unlike many matte lipsticks. The price point is absolutley amazing, I would be willing to pay a high end price for the formulation of these! Extremley good stayin power and I have no big complaints. The only thing I am not fond of is the packaging but for the price I dont care.

Kandi L.
love it

I have bare it all, just peachy, don't blink pink, pruty persimmon and dollhouse pink. I love these lipsticks. Bare it all is a nude color i wear it all the time.

S N.
Best drug store lipstick!!!

♥Check my youtube for a full review!♥ http://youtu.be/oH_88-8EQQA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpwFLuiNPSo

I couldnt get enough of them. They are comparable to MAC matte lipsticks, maybe even better? They cost about $3, last ALL DAY, are matte finish, come in about 20 different colors, and are scent free. Could you ask for more? No.

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