Wet N Wild

Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette


Aniko F.
Amazing Quality

I love these color icon palettes! I own all of them and love the color pay off. They are long lasting and the pigment is great! You would never guess it was Wet N Wild! Amazing.

Holly V.
Great Cheap Neutral Palette

The Wet n Wild Vanity Palette cost me $4.99 at CVS and is my absolute favorite collection of neutral eyeshadows. The set comes with three highly pigmented matte shades as well three frosted colors.

When I’m going for a fast neutral eye I take the middle shade on that matte side and use that in my crease and I’m all set! If I have a few more minutes I’ll use the lightest matte color all over and the middle beige shade in my crease. The lightest color on the shimmer side is a great highlight and inner corner shade. This past weekend I used the darkest matte shade on my outer V area and then lined both my top and bottom lashes with it to make my lash line more pronounced. It gave a great subtle smokey eye look.

I probably use this palette 3 times a week and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great neutral eye set of shadows. I reach for this over my NYX nude on nude palette all the time and its a fraction of the cost.

Metta X.

I absolutely love Wet N Wild Eyeshadows!! Best thing I love about it is that they are super pigmented! They are even better than some high end eyeshadows (i.e. Urban Decay) They are very inexpensive! They come in multiple colors! A little definitely goes a long way. On the left side holds matte eyeshadows and on the right side holds shimmery eyeshadows. Great for everyday, going out, parties, etc!

Treasure N.
Bang for your buck!

These eyeshadows are definetly making a new name for wet n wild. It seems like the scientist finally got the formula right! The color pays off, blendability(if thats a word), and non creasing action make these shadows compete with shadows four times its worth.

Violet likes DM S.
High quality look for less

I just bought the Vanity palette and am so mad at myself for not buying it sooner. It is Amazing! The colors are so pigmented and blend so perfectly. They're on clearance at Target btw for less than $3. Wearing it right now and I am very happy with it.

Tiara R.
love this

I love this palette great colors for the fall can you can also use these colors for a every day look. one other thing i also like about this palette is it is compact so you can take this anywhere for touch ups

Erica D.
Rave!!! Rave!!

I purchased all 4 palettes: Vanity, Greed, Envy and Pride. My everyday goto is Vanity. The color pay off is amazing. Slightly chalking w/a tiny bit of fallout, but that is minimized with the right brush. For the price, can't beat it. Don't miss out. By the way, the 2012 collection is out, so says the word on the street. Any reviews any one. Apparently, the collection (for now) is only at Walgreens.

Carmen R.

The best out of all the color icon pallete's. The colors are so smooth and creamy. The brown on the bottom left hand corner is my favorite. That's my go to outer v color. Its a beauty to smoke out any look.

Katie P.
Love this palette

Vanity has got to be my favorite out of the 3 I have! I bought double because I loved it so much! Its wonderful to have half shimmer and half matte shades. These colors are so wearable and very pigmented. Not to mention beautiful! The packaging is flimsy so you have to be very gentle with these palettes but for the price you cant complain! Would repurchase!

Some of the shimmery colors are a bit sheer in the greed palette but overall I like it. Again its nice to have some shimmery shades and some matte shades. Pride is also a beautiful palette. Very pigmented and vibrant! I use the white matte shade all the time! The darker shades can have some fallout in these palettes but again for the price you really cant complain :] overall I love these!

Chevon H.
wonderful product

i own the Vanity, Greed, and Lust palettes. my favorite is Vanity...i use the dark brown matte for my brows and i use at least one of the other colors from this set almost everyday. the top and middle colors on the matte side of Greed are a little chalky for my taste so i rarely use them. when i'm in for some purple, Lust is great to work with, but the lighter color from the matte side of that palette is chalky as well. other than that i adore these things. great color payoff, average fallout, easy to blend. i need to buy 3 more of vanity. one more for my personal kit and two for my pro kit....if they discontinue these i'll die. well not actually die...but i'll be sad :(