Wayne Goss

Brush 00 Powder Brush Duo

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Laura K.
Soft and perfect shape

I bought this set as a Christmas gift for myself and am not at all disappointed! Now I am on a mission to own the whole line. The brushes are superb quality and amazingly soft. The black one did bleed a bit when I washed it the first time, but all brushes seem to do that. It's a great brush for powder foundation, setting powder, blush, bronzer, you name it.

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Jessica M.
In Love!!

These brushes quickly became my favorites after just one use! I never experienced a brush that put just the right amount of blush/bronzer to my cheeks without having to blend any harsh lines out. I also use the same brush to apply finishing powder, just because it's so soft and blends so flawlessly. Did I mention how beautiful they are?? I absolutely adore these brushes and I'm very happy with this purchase.

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Beth D.
Great brushes for a contouring newbie

I'm not a makeup artist, and I'm new to trying to do contouring. These brushes really make it pretty easy to do it with a nice subtle result. I use the black brush for contour and the white one for highlighting. I'm now getting a nice collection of Wayne Goss brushes and I've been very pleased with all of them!

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Nia M.

There is something so graceful about Wayne gods brushes. This is a perfect example of that. The move so gracefully on the face. Very versatile. Although I think he needs to release a medium size of this brush. But that’s beside the point. I love this duo. The black actually feels alittle different so it’s almost like having two different brushes. Love love love

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