Urban Decay

Liquid Liner


Jani M.
Seriously addicted to these liners!

My HG liquid liner. They were amazing. Extremely pigmented, and long lasting. They have such an amazing collection of colors that just scream, "Fun!" I only have Perversion, but I really want to try their other colors.

Sandy W.

This is my ultimate go-to liquid liner. I would always have one in my collection. I like to try out different liquid liners but when I know I need my liner to stay on all day and not smudge I would always use this one. AWESOME!

Nakia G.
Long wearing, easy to use!

This is the perfect liquid liner! GREAT price, long lasting, easy to hold, and SUPER easy to use!

Alot of people stick with felt tips bc they are afraid of manuvering a brush, but this is practically FOOL PROOF! The tapered brush lets you control how thin or thick you want your line, and the formula allows it to practically glide on in one or two long swoops..No Tugging, no having to go back over your line 2 or 3 times to make it bold. It leaves a patent like finish and lasts FOREVER! No exageration on this...The first time I used it, I put it on in the morning, and when I woke up the next day (not condoning falling asleep with makeup on! but it happens) it was still on! and I thought "Holy crap...Ive NEVER had a liquid liner do that!" and I was hooked for LIFE!

This is BY FAR, THE Best liquid liner with a brush applicator!

Nu Nu Dollie N.
Bad packaging but amazing product.

I have this in two shades, Perversion-dark black, and it's the blackest black liquid liner EVER. I also have Oil Slick which is described as a black w/ sparkles, but to me it's more of a grease color, more of a dark brown-black. It's better for a more toned down look. The product itself is top of the line, and lasts all day, which is a rarity for me because not only are my lids oily, but my eyes tend to water a lot! Also, this product doesn't flake off, and doesn't irritate my contacts! It's easy to remove as well, and there is no rubbing required to get it off! My only gripe w/ this product is the packaging. Urban Decay, your packaging is adorable, I'll give you that one... But the product gets goopy because of the opening, and it can get all over your hands if you don't clean the inside of the tube w/ a q-tip every time you use it. If you don't clean the opening, the product builds up, and you can't close it properly, and the liner dries up! Ahhh! Please change the packaging! But until then, I'll just continue to clean the opening and be OCD, because this is the only liquid liner that stays on my eyes.

Samantha A.

I like this eyeliner, but the one thing about this product I don't like is that when closing the product, the product seems to go up if this makes sense in any way. Besides that it will stay the whole entire day and it will look matte without any weird shine.

Kaylah A.
Good but not worth the money

Id have to say this is a GOOD product but i wouldnt repurchase it. it has a good consistancy but it dries out n gets clumpy quickly. i HATE the packaging. its hard to get the product out and the brush handle is too short and its kind of awkward.

Brianna G.
Gave me an allergic reaction

I bought this eyeliner mainly out of curiosity and at first, I absolutely loved it. It was seriously the blackest eyeliner I have ever encountered. After using it for a week consistently, my eyes started getting swollen, and each time I would apply this eyeliner, my eyelid by the lashline would start stinging. Not a pleasant experience! Now I am trying out new products ALL the time, and I don't have sensitive skin in regards to trying out a plethora of different products all the time. This really surprised me. When I removed the eyeliner, my eyelids were red and swollen. I couldn't apply makeup on my eye area for a few days. I figured it was a fluke thing, so then a few days later, I gave it another chance. The same thing happened.

I know that this product works fabulously for a lot of people, but for me personally, it gave me a horrible allergic reaction that just was not fun! So for all you beauties out there with remotely sensitive skin: Beware! Definitely won't be using this product ever again!