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Too Faced

Soleil Bronzer


Ailin R.

I was using Macs Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun! and I'm open to switching my makeup routine so the girl I always shop with at Sephora suggested I try this and I fell in love. It smells like a cup of hot warm chocolate! I like that it's not tested on animals also. It's matte, which is great. Bronzers work best if matte. If used with a contour brush it will give you an edgy sculpted look. Overall I just love it, definitely my new go-to!

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Sarah A.
Awesome bronzer for fair skin!

I love, love, love this bronzer! It's great for an all over bronzy look especially if you have fair skin because it's so hard to find a bronzer that's not "orange" looking. This is an amazing bronzer and looks super natural! It's also really great to contour with because it's matte and creates a beautiful shape. Smells divine, love the name, simply the best!!

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Brooke K.

amazing if you want to bring warmth to your face without being harsh, smells amazing as well! this is the only bronzer i've tried that really goes well with my super pale skin.

Brianna R.
Edible bronzer ? WHY NOT!!

I know this is considered a bronzer but honestly I love contouring with it! Very neutral color , great for ANY skin tone. The BEST part about it , it really taste and smells like chocolate!!! and no i don't intentionally eat it, it happens to get on my lips when i brush it on and the next thing i know.. I'm tasting some chocooolaateee even curves my sweet tooth lol

Hannah A.
I LOVE this product

Everyone mentions the smell so I won't except to say that it's obviously awesome! I will say my favorite thing about this product is that it's matte! It's perfect for my cool/neutral leaning light/medium skin as a contour. I also use it as a bronzer. Also, it lasts literally forever. FOREVER. I love it.

Nicole C.
Best bronzer I've used!

This bronzer is amazing! I think it is really nice for fair skin because it's not too dark and its not too sheer. It smells like straight up chocolate, which I absolutely love; and the over all product is good. It is soo pigmented and buttery. I use this as my contour color since I'm so pale. Overall, this I a great product

Jenni L.

Holy grail bronzer for me. I am very fair and a lot of bronzers make me look dirty. I also adore the chocolate scent of this product. I can dust lightly on my entire face for a subtle glow or use it for contouring if I have more time. Also appreciate that it is matte so it works very well for contouring.

Shiloh K.
Best Bronzer Ever

I have extremely fair skin so most shades make me look way too dark but this one is the perfect shade. If you have a kind of golden/yellowish undertone to your skin this complements it very well. Light weight and great if you have oily or dry skin. It leaves a matte finish without making it too dry. Smells incredible, it makes me want chocolate every time I use it!

Jaime E.

This product was my first time using a matte bronzer and I love it! It smells delicious and looks so natural and pretty. The little handwritten note inside the package added a wonderful personal touch, and the shipping was fast. I will definitely be a repeat customer due to the great service Beautylish has. :)

Robyn P.
Amazing matte bronzer for fair skin!

This is the perfect matte bronzer, especially if you have fair skin. You're able to obtain amazing contouring without the orange tint that so many other bronzers unfortunately have plus who can pass up its chocolate smell!