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Too Faced

La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream


Rhodejia f.
this shade is perfect

I love it ! it is perfect for my lips and really brings out my skin shade .... a b c d. e f. JH I j k f t e o r g j l o p g s y I r I d o r o p. d. fj. k xbr l t r I f r I k r o g k f k s eb

Angelina S.
Pink POP!

Wonderful pop of color/ it's soft and easy to apply. I do suggest a liner underneath as it doesn't last as long as you may like. Not worth the price for what is it. You could probably find the same product OTC a tad cheaper and be just as happy.

Hanna O.

I love this shade along with the lip stick as we'll I love things by UD they are just so great you should definitely buy this if you haven't all ready

Clair d.

I kind of bought mine on impulse because I loved the color. I typically wear lipsticks more on the matte side, so the texture and application were a little foreign to me. I can't speak for anything but Fuchsia Shock, but I found it to be very pigmented and comfortable. It's definitely not long lasting, which is a little aggravating because I often don't have a lot of time for frequent reapplication. I think it's longevity could be improved if worn over a liner, though. The packaging is also really beautiful and elegant, in Too Faced's own special way.

Christina L.
Beautiful color, very comfortable, but not long lasting at all

I sorta kinda impulse bought a wide range of these colors because my lips get really dry in the colder months, and I know that these lippies are hydrating. The color for fuchsia shock is amazing and bright, but if you rub your lips together it statrs to streak, or if your lips touch something, the color will come off. I'll probably still wear them though, just with a lip liner underneath, or maybe even on top of a longer wearing lipstick or liquid lippy - time to experiment!