Too Faced

Glamour Gloss


Crystal H.
Cute Packaging!

I got this gloss in a set they had & OMG, I thought all lip glosses were the same! Until my lips met this gloss!! It has a subtle feel of menthol and so it feels 'active' and well, I have no lips and this makes me feel and look look like I do! Yay! And the cute packaging comes in real handy for me when I am looking through my gigantic purse and I can see the big shiny jewel sparkle, then I know I have the right gloss! Love this stuff!

Allison M.
Perfect Nude gloss

I love to use this gloss when I do a more natural lip. The brush applicator could be improved, it gets kind of goop-ed up sometimes, but I like the scent of the product and it stays for a while. I also like the color range that Too Faced has for this gloss, so I think anyone could find some really nice colors