Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush


Francesca V.

My beautiful, yet unpredictable oily olive skin is able to breathe! Usually, I breakout after applying makeup but this long-lasting product makes me and my skin happy. Never using anything other than Tarte blush and foundation 😄

Hannah G.

This is a super great blush. It's my favorite powder blush and looks so natural and stays on all day. It's also super pigmented so you don't have to apply a lot.

Nikki L.
Can't wait to buy more!!!

Picked up the shade "exposed" while I was in the States in January. I chose this as it was the most neutral shade they had in the Sephora I visited. All the shades were gorgeous and appeared vibrant in the pan. When I applied the blush it goes on quite sheer so can definitely be built up to the colour you want, so going to pick up some of the other colours when they finally come over to the UK this year!! It is definitely long wearing and the packaging is just lovely. I especially like the pattern imprinted into the powder!!

Nadia N.
Great blush

This is one of the best blushes that gives soft touch. I also love this one is matte and works perfectly for the no make up look. I would like to try the shimmer ones too! These are great especially for oily and acne prone skin

Molly R.
A no brainer.

These blushes are very long wearing and have a great finish. I have the colour Exposed and this is the perfect colour. It really is a no brainer, this colour goes with every look (I'm not kidding). The only con to it is, the these blushes are a little pricey; but in saying that it is going to last a long time and really it is a colour that you will get use out of. It wont just sit in your collection, it will be loved. This is a colour I think everyone should have.

Nadia N.
Love love these Blushes!

These are really great blushes and I love that their matte and they go on lightly and they are buildable. Its great that they go on the skin and don't look powdery or too shimmery. These and Nars blushes are what I consider the cream of the crop when it comes to blushes. They are lighter than the Nars blushes and I have 3 right now and I hope to get more!

Kalynn K.
Really Pretty

I only own one of Tarte's blushes which is in Exposed, and I am absolutely in love with the shade. It's very pigmented and I think it's a pretty shade that will suite most skin colors. To me, it can be used as a pretty natural shade.

Lisa  A.
Long lasting & Natural looking

This blush lasts all day long the the color it gives to my cheeks... SO pretty! It's so natural looking but still gives the perfect mauve flush. Perfect for any season, any weather, any skin type!

Kristina H.
Sophisticated beauty

I think that this color really helps give a natural flush to my cheeks. When I wear it I feel like it is a more sophisticated look, as it is not baby pink or overly bright. It just gives me a really beautiful glow. They are pretty pigmented so I so not have to work the product with my brush too much and there is never any extra fall out so it glides on flawlessly. I do have pretty light skin so if I add too much it comes across unnatural but I think this can really work on a variety of skin tones it just depends how much product you use. I am very happy it did not oxidize further on my face. I was worried that it might which would come across muddy. I am excited to try the other colors because I am very pleased with the product as a whole, from the application, the ware to the packaging. They are definitely worth the price you pay for them!

Jani M.
Beautiful shades!

Okay, so here's a little backstory: After hearing so many wonderful things about these blushes, I obviously wanted to get them, however, I couldn't find it. I went to two Sephora stores that were fairly close to me, and an Ulta. One day while I was at the mall, I went to check the Sephora at JC Penney. What a miracle they had the product! Which is funny because the same thing happened with my Urban Decay liquid liner. Anyways, I was so happy I found it. I used it a few days later and the shade was just too perfect. It literally lasts all day, which is a surprise because I can never find any blush that won't slide off my oily skin. This has definitely become my go to blush!