Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

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Miniwheat B.
Beautiful matte finish

My all-time favorite blush. Absolutely perfect for oily skin, because of the clay component, and it lasts and lasts. Also has great color pay-off. Blissful is a nice peachy pink, perfect go to blush for warm undertones.

Brittney T.

Blissful is my go-to for Deeper complexion shades. I LOVEEE Tarte especially THIS product!! These blushes give amazing color pay-off +they're long lasting <3 * If you prefer a natural look, Tartes blushes have buildable color, ranging from sheer to full color!! **** 5 STARS :))

Vanessa M.
so pretty!

I use Blissful when I want a blushy look to my cheeks but I don't want to be overpowered by a super bright hue. It's highly pigmented and applies nicely! I like to use this in the summertime when dark pink blush seems like too much.

Jessica B.
pretty and sweet

This blush does what it claims. It's long-lasting and I've noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin after a couple weeks of use. I own this in 'Blissful', a warm peachy shade that looks almost neon in the compact. However, just a slight dab of my brush picks up just enough color to give me a healthy flush. This will definitely last a long time, so it's worth the price. I also love the adorable packaging!

Becca E.
Great quality

When I first swatched this blush with my finger, it didn't seem very pigmented at all. But when applied with a brush, it's so pigmented and goes on so smoothly. =) I just need a little bit on my blush brush and then one swipe over my cheek and it looks beautiful, with no patches or streaks. It blends really easily and looks so natural. I love the matte finish and how it doesn't fade in patches over the course of the day. Also, the colour is perfect for my NW15 skin and is a peachy pink, but more peachy than pink. My skin tone is cool but I'm sure this would look great on warm skin tones as well. I liked this blush so much that I'm planning on getting a couple more. It's $32 CAD but I think it's well worth the money. In my photo you can see a swatch and the size of the blush.

Kaitlyn H.

I use this blush nearly every day. It brightens my face and is the perfect color for my many make-up looks. I find this product to blend nicely and it also looks nice applied lightly to the tops of my cheeks while wearing bronzer.