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Cake Eyeliner

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Anna W.
Tossed out my old gel liner.

I've been looking for a cake eyeliner for about a year now, but there are few brands that make them. I finally tried the studio gear cake, and after about three weeks of using it, I've already decided that I will never buy another gel liner. This has every. single. gel. liner. beat.

It looks like an eyeshadow pan, but add a drop of water, or mixing medium, or eye drops, or any liquid you like, and it turns into the smoothest, blackest eyeliner ever--blacker than UD perversion liquid liner, which I always thought was pretty black. I can use it with my tiniest brushes and with my biggest angled liner brush. I always have smooth and fluid control.

The wear is incredible, lasting all day without fading when I use just a drop of water, but when I use a drop of Pixi Eye Color Sealer it's pretty close to waterproof.

It's my liner must-have.

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Elizabeth bethezda M.
My go-to liner for detail work.

I worked for Studio Gear *cough cough* a "while" ago. ;) This brand is seriously underated as everything I have used from them is excellent. I love this cake eyeliner. It works great as a smooth liner, especially when I'm doing fine detail work. Because it is water based, it doesn't drag on the skin, allowing me to make great swirls, arches and dots.