Kajal Eye Liner


Raven N.
One of my alltime favorite products

I love this eyeliner - I have used it since high school. I rarely use it so much as an all around eyeliner, but I use it anytime I line my waterline - almost everyday. It is super soft, SUPER pigmented and dark black, so it goes on effortlessly. It lasts ALL day and I don't even cover it with a black eyeliner or anything and rarely need to reapply it. It is perfectly blendable for a smoky look, too.

Evelyn M.
Works as a great base!
Photo of product included with review by Evelyn M.

I don't use this liner as a regular liner. However, I tend to use this as a base when doing a smokey eye or I use it on my lower and upper waterlines for a more dramatic look. It applies very creamy and smooth, so be careful not to push down too hard when applying. If used as a regular liner it does tend to smudge, so I recommend applying a matte black shadow over it or a color of your choice. It takes a long time for you to sharpen this bad boy until its last use, so I think its definitely worth the price ($18). I used this as a base for the look attached.

Maritza J.
The Blackest!

The best for my inner eye super cream super black, Anytime they go on sale I purchase at least 10 of them, I have sisters that love this product as well.

Nancy-Lee C.
Love it!

I only own Onyx. I LOVE it. It took me a few tries but after I got the right smoky look. It is smooth gliding, you do not want to press when you are applying this, you will snap the tip off. I highly recommend it. It lost 1 star because it does not come with a sharpener.

Lisa C.
Good but soft

These liner are very pigmented and they apply well but they are so so soft, too soft sometimes, they break and can make a mess when you trying to apply it. They also don't last all day. So they are great if you looking for smudged liner look but not the best for a sleek straight line.

Stephanie T.

i have this in onyx and i have to say its probably my darkest black liner. its super super creamy and soft. but thats where this product goes wrong, its SO creamy and SO soft that well.. hello, smudge central! even when i set it with an eyeshadow. i now use this product just as an eyeshadow base, it works great for a smoky eye! so as a liner.. eh, eyeshadow base...yes.

Mary P.

hated it! applied to my lower lash line and it smudged down below my eyes making me look like a raccoon. I'm thinking this is not good for oily lids/oily skin. Great pigmentation though.