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Convertible Color


Caitlin P.

I confess, I bought this because I liked that it was compact, had a mirror, & a cute cover. But I carry it with me everywhere I go now! I love the color, the texture, it's super easy to blend. A little goes a long way! & it looks beautiful on the cheeks or the lips! I will definitely be going back to buy other shades!

Celisse D.

This is the first cream blusher I've ever tried and I am sold! I wanted to try something different after being annoyed with how most powder blushers fade off into nothing by the end of the day, and the Convertible Color has fixed that problem for me. It lasts all through even my longest work days and I never have to worry about re-applying. I use the Petunia color which is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

I knocked off one star because although it is meant to be used as a lip color and blush together, I cannot use this as a lipstick. Even though I love it as a blush, it is terrible as a lipstick. I find it drying and while the color compliments my skin while worn on my cheeks, it looks terrible on my lips. I have worn it one time as a lipstick and went about an hour before I wiped it off and went back to my normal lip color.

Nancy-Lee C.
Not the product for me

Petuna is pinky . I know everyone loves these. I too want to love these but i can't! Since i do not wear foundation, I thought they would be perfect and melt into my skin.

My first problem is: I completely dislike putting my fingers in products. I think it is unsanitary and leads to cross contamination. I just felt as thought they were waxy. it blended... but then i found myself blending a little more and a little more. lol. I'll stick with my powder blusher.