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The Soft Brush Book

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Alicia S.
Great product

I hesitated in buying this due to the price. I managed to get it when it went on sale - super lucky - and I LOVE it. I will never need to buy or look at another travel case again. It’s really perfect. It fits EXACTLY the number of brushes I always want to pack and I can also fit my Sonia G pop-up travel holder in there when it’s flat. When I get to my travel destination I take out and pop open the brush holder, unpack my brushes into it and voila I’m good to go. Packing the brushes back in is super fast and easy. Excellent product - extremely happy with it.

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Iriz Z.
Perfect. Just perfect

This is the perfect bag for your makeup brushes. You don't need anything else It have space for 22 brushes, and there are little pockets for all size of brush.

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Charlotte Z.
Just gorgeous, don't hesitate like I did....

First I hesitated to buy this brush book as I was looking at the price and thinking...mmm, do I really need it? But then a weekend away triggered my need for a good brush book to take my Sonia G brushes with me and when I got home I ordered it. Ladies and Gents; don't hesitate like I is gorgeous and so well made! If you are already thinking of buying it, can afford to, then just press 'add to basket' and enjoy!

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Sara G.
Beautifully made, essential for travel.

I knew to expect only something exceptionally made from Sonia G-so, no surprise there, but, it’s always so wonderful to have something so beautifully crafted in my hands. This is my dream brush case: light with all the room to carry all of my favorite brushes with me. The two enclosure sleeves for additional tools (e.g. tweezers, cosmetic rounds, etc) make it the essential for travel.

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Olivier C.

I had been looking for something like that for my brushes for YEARS! It's so well made and really thought out. It is THE one everyone needs when travelling.

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Irma  M.
The best!

I just love my new brush book! The side flaps are amazing, I was always fighting with my other brush cases because the flaps kept flipping back.... I was a bit concerned about the price but it is completely worth every penny. It fits a lot of brushes 💕

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Melissa G.
Quality Product

I received my brush book today! It is very well made and the perfect brush travel bag! I have a growing collection of Sonia G brushes and now I know they’ll be safe when I travel again. Thank you Sonia! You’re a genius!

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Evelyn Y.
Fantastic option for taking your brushes with you

This is really beautifully made and designed. I can see getting a lot of use out of it as previously, I had to either use subpar travel brushes, or take only a few of my better ones and hope for the best in terms of wear. The wraps I had were bulky and not that protective. I love that you can take up to 22 brushes with you - so no limitations while you are away from home. It is a bit bigger than I had anticipated, but very manageable.

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Celyne H.
Sonia G soft brush book

I just received my order from Beautylish for the soft brush book this morning. I am so happy! It is beautifully made, seams are perfect and straight , it is larger than I expected, made of a thick nylon and oh is it ever elegant presented in a thick, cotton dust bag. The brush book is so classy just like Sonia herself. I am beyond thrilled with my purchase. Now all I need is to wait until it a safe to travel again and off I go with my Sonia G soft brush book! Don’t hesitate, buy it, it’s sturdy and beautifully made.

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