Rimmel London

Stay Matte Pressed Powder


Amanda B.
I love this powder

Rimmel never ceases to amaze me. This powder it great for oil controll it really does stay matte. I use it in my kit and for personal use also. It doesnt crease and give the cakey look. It is also very light feeling on your face. It doesnt feel like its smothering your skin. There are somedays this is the only foundation I put on. I love this powder

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Paula J.

This product is one of my basics inside my everyday purse! It's perfect for a matte look. The tone match and blend perfectly over my skin. The bad thing it's that it doesn't have a powder sponge or something, so you really need to have one or a brush

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Vimisha M.
loveeeeee thissss

soooo perfect I love it. it is cheap and long lasting sticks to youu nicely dose not make your skin too oily and NEVER cakey! love this soo much

Gina Y.

The Powder does what it says "Stay Matte"! It matifys the face & blocks out the shine from my moisturizer, foundation, etc! I love it, & it's the only face powder I been using ever since I got it!

Jessica D.

This is my everyday powder, weather I'm going for a natural look or a full coverage look. I do have dry skin and even through this is a stay matte powder (I have friends with very oily skin who love this for keeping the matte, so it does a great job with that) it helps keep my foundation on all day while still looking natural.

Caitlin G.

I love this product!!! Two summers ago, I was just getting into makeup and purchased a lot of drugstore makeup. I fell in love with this product and have been using it for 2 year! Better than the Revlon Nearly Naked powder and wen more affordable!

Mariam A.

Ok so let me tell you something about this amazing matte powder! probably the best powder out there, better than any higher end products, also the drug store products.. A life saver for those who have a shiny finish face of foundation or oily skin, you can see you'r face change while applying this powder, when your face is shiny from your foundation you just apply this powder and the shine is gone, controls the oil too. Long-lasting powder also so you'd probably only have to touch up twice and that is all.

Samantha H.
Holy grail setting powder y'all

This is the best powder I have ever tried even high end! This will control your oil for hours! This is perfect for oily skin and does not look cakey! The packaging is a little bit troublesome but the product itself is outstanding! Ladies it's worth the hype and you will love it! 😊

Jenna J.

This is by far the best powder I've had. I take it everywhere with me. This product is great quality. It's also a great price I believe it's around 3-6 dollars.

Cassidy L.
Love this!

I use this to make my face matte and not oily and I also use it to set my concealer. It works really well for around $5 I recommend this for almost any skin type!