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Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss

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Katie G.
Definite recommend - very long lasting. Little fade.

Kate Moss has a great lipstick range and I've always wanted a red but didn't have the confidence to wear it. After already liking and having one of Kate Moss' lipsticks before, I decided to purchase number 01 - the red. The colour is great, very pigmented. Doesn't bleed. Lasts a very long time, although I do reapply after a while, especially after eating (probably isn't needed). All round great lipstick range - absolutely adore them. Only downfall is that after a few hours the colour does fade a little, typically on the inner of the lips. Definitely recommend.

Hannah K.
Photo of product included with review by Hannah K.

I got the 01 lipstick today and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's so pigmented and creamy, it goes on smoothly and smells of vanilla! It moisturises my lips like my normal Nivea lip balm does and I always get compliments when wearing it:D I want the full set now!

Sonia T.
high end? no thanks

feels just like high end lipsticks. hands down, even better than most of high end lipsticks! The pigmentation is astonishing, che formula and the texture are extremely long lasting.. it slightly tints the lips, which is something I love love love, and has an impressive staying power. even if I pat it several times with a napkin it looks just like I just put it on!

as all very strong, pigmented, almost opaque lipsticks, it is VERY important to have good looking lips, moisturised and fully repaired.

( only negative thing is this could be a little bit drying, so if you have dry lips try using a balm underneath)

Bethanie H.

Holy SMOKES this lipstick is amazing. It goes on soooo smooth, and the color is beyond beautiful. It's not that bright annoying shade of red that's almost blinding and washes a lot of people with pale skin like me out, but more of a deep sultry red. It also has a bit of a shine to it so you don't have to put a gloss over it. The coverage is pretty great as well. One swipe on the top and bottom lip and that puppy is ON. I can't stand it when you have to keep going over your lips like you're coloring them in with a crayon because the goofy thing barely shows up. It does not last ALL day, so you do have to reapply it after a couple of hours but hey it's worth it. Also it tastes and smells like cherries.

Samantha S.

I am seriously in love with the shade and wear it every day regardless of the occasion! And I get complimented on it a bunch as well. It glides on smoothly and gives your look that extra pow! I would suggest it to anyone who's looking for a red that's a little more deep than the norm! Trust, you will not regret this in your bag!

Chrissy S.
Perfect red lip!

01 is the red shade in the collection, and come on, Kate Moss knows a lot about red lips! I have a similar skintone to her, and whatever she wears and it looks good on her, usually looks good on me too! This is seriously the best red lipcolor I have ever used. It's creamy, well-pigmented, and works great with any kind of gloss on top of it!

Cynthia  R.

I really love this lipstick. The only thing about it is that I kept having to reapply after a few hours, but other than that it is an amazing product! I definitely recommend it!

Carelen C.
Perfect Red

This lipstick is awesome. The color is a great red for my multi-ethnic, tan in the summer but not in the winter, multiple undertone-d skin (and I know I'm not the only one out there!) I don't have issues with this lipstick sliding off or transferring, but I always blot after application, just out of habit.

This also layers really well. If I want my lipstick color to last all day, I can run on two layers of this color and not *need* to retouch for color. I reapply when my lips get dried out halfway through the day or so.

Sarah T.
I Love it!

I have this lipstick in 01, which is the first red lipstick I ever got so I was a little nervous. It's definately the darkest lipstick I own, but fell in love right away. It goes on nice and creamy, although if you wear it a while it gets a little bit dry. (This could just be because I don't wear gloss with it) I would buy it again for sure,and am looking for other colors that go with my skin tone, as I love the matte finish. I don't know if it's just mine, but it kind of smells like red licorice, which was a nice bonus. :)

Vanessa W.

Great consistency, really nice colour selection, lasts about 2 hours for me w/o eating or drinking. I blot once before I apply with a lip brush. I like the shade 01 and 02 (the only 2 I've tried so far) and while I love them I don't think I need any more haha. You can't go wrong with the price!