Colorstay Creme Gel Eyeliner


Rachel R.
Pretty Decent.

Its a nice creme eyeliner but the brush kind of sucks. Its way too stiff and its hard to line the eyes without having flexible brissles that form to the shape of your lid. Other than the brush, the formula is pretty nice. However i have a feeling it is going to dry pretty fast. It is a pretty expensive eyeliner, about 12 bucks at walgreens. I probably would have gone with another one if I had read up on it. But it does the job for now.

not a good eyeliner! dry formula, difficult to apply, not smooth, kind of patchy, and the brush is too short and uncomfortable to hold to really use well. pigmentation is only so-so, and it smudges, a lot. I threw it away without finishing it. not recommended.