Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick

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Veronica T.

I wanted a affordable nude lipstick and I heard a lot of buzz about Soft nude. So I decided to give it ago since I always loved nude lipsticks and glosses. I would not apply it generously because for me tabbing it on looks so good. And with a gloss over even better. I would suggest scrubbing your lips with this one. With a toothbrush is good, because it'll show the peeling skin. And of course moisturize your lips before using.

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Dookie K.
Love that its so opaque

Apart from loving the color, I also like that it is so opaque. I'm don't think its moisturizing as many people said. But I do like it a lot.

The packaging reminded me a lot of Chanel lipsticks...but it was so much more affordable than the Chanel one.

I'll be trying many other colors soon~

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Julianne J.
Glad to finally find a nude lipstick I like!

Alleluia! Glad to finally find a nude lippie I like and that looks good in a variety of looks.

I heard great things about this on Beautylish and hungered for this lippie. I've been getting so lucky with nude lip products lately so I was going out on a limb hoping this one would be a winner. I was worried Soft Nude would be too warm on me- but I'm gifted with coloring that's cool but still slightly warm toned- so I can pull off warm browns, greens and peaches. It looked great on all the lovelies wearing it, so I took a chance and it looks great! It makes me think of a milkier version of Relvon's Rose Velvet from the Super Lustrous Lipstick line, which is an old fave. Soft Nude is a lovely pink/peach beige color. At first the texture seemed dryer than other lipsticks I have tried but once broken in its pretty creamy. I've always been fidgety with lippies and I've found nude lippies and glosses have helped me feel more comfy in lipsticks/lip products. Plus this shade looks great with my fave nude gloss Rimmel London's Stay Glossy lipgloss in 05 Unlimited Gold on top for extra shine.

Not only do I love the formula of the Super Lustrous line, the Colourburst line is just as good and I'm sad I hadn't looked there sooner! I think Revlon is definitely a go to for great lippies, although there are other great drugstore rivals! :D

Christina L.
One of the best drug store lipsticks!

I absolutely love the Revlon Colorburst lipstick collection! I own Soft Nude, and it's my favorite nude I own. I like it even better than my MAC Myth. It's, at least for my skin tone, the perfect nude. It's not too pale or too dark, it's perfect. A bit on the peachier nude side. It's so silky and creamy. It doesn't bleed, or fade quickly. One of my favorite summer shades.

Avarie D.
In love! Favorite lipsticks!

These are not just the best drugstore lipsticks, but I actually like them better than any lipstick on the market. Super creamy. Large variety of color. Really great pigmentation. The nude one is my favorite!

Anna A.
Not as I would have hoped, but better than their original lipsticks

I actually got this from my sister since she didn't match with it, but I got confused, because we both had the same skin tone, but her lips were more nude than mine. I'm actually on the pinker side. For me, it was a creamy application, but I felt like it wasn't as much coverage as their other lipsticks...I had to keep reapplying.Also, since my lips has lines in them because when I was small my lips were majorlly chapped, It blends better than the other lipsticks I've tried from Revlon....I gave it an average rating just because I'm not a fan of lipsticks, but this one definitely is worth getting.

Anita S.
very very very drying

love the packaging don't understand why the whole case isn't quilted pattern but on well i deducted the stars for the lipstick - it's too mushy, and i ruined it the first time i used it! it's a bit crooked now also very very very very drying! my lips are dry enough shade is lovely though, but the formula .. yepp .

would really like to try peach tho! i heard the other shades aren't as drying : )