Colorburst Lip Butter

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Jasmine S.

I have sweet tart, lollipop and sorbet. These lipsticks really live up to their name as they really do feel like butter on your lips! They give a phenomenal amount of colour and can also be sheer for a natural look.

Sweet tart: A very beautiful pink that suits a wide range of skin tones Lollipop: A fuschia lipstick that goes really well with natural makeup Sorbet: A beautiful hot pink colour that makes the teeth look white

Alison G.
Dont know how I ever lived without it!!

So at first I thought the lipbutters were nothing special, till I picked up this baby! The color is perfect and looks beautiful on my pale skin... Its so creamy and hydrating and NEVER dries my lips like many other lipsticks do. The price is really good and I love the packaging!

Soma S.
Ok, I was hesitant to buy into the hype, and now I'm kicking myself for not doing so sooner...

I saw a recent swatch of Lollipop on Temptalia's blog, and I had to have it once she said it was a slightly lighter version of Show Orchid by MAC. everywhere I went, they were sold out until I found a few left on display at a Rite-Aid when I needed to restock on some allergy meds. I grabbed Red Velvet, Tutti Frutti, and Sweet Tart - none of which disappointed, and definitely was pigmented and hydrating! I want them all now, and Berry Smoothie and Truffle is next on my list. A MUST-HAVE for any beauty arsenal for lovers of both drugstore and high-end products!

luce j.

I have always hide quite dry lips because I tend to bite them out of habit, and I do wear lipsticks but a lot of the time they just dry my lips out even more. With revlon lip butters they moisturise my lips at the same time as giving the colour of a lipstick and a subtle shine of a lip gloss. The only down side is they don't last as long as expected, id say around 3-4 hours before the colour starts the wear off but I think that's because it's more of a lip balm base then a lipstick but I still love them. The shade lollipop is a hot pink shade that I personally think would go with all skin tones, it's not too sheer and not too pigmented. You should definitely try the revlon lip butters. I have 3 shades and looking for the next one:)

Latia C.
I love the color, but...

For some reason, I feel like this color settles into the lines of my lips, even after I exfoliate. This could be an error on my part, so I won't hold the lip butter to this until after I wear it out a few more times. The color of this lip butter is gorgeous and it's the perfect bright lip without the hassle of applying a lip primer/lip liner, a lipstick, and THEN a gloss. I love how this makes my face looks instantly brighter and happier and I love how creamy and moisturizing this product is. Besides the settling into fine lines con, the only other gripe I have about the product is the packaging. I feel like it can come open at any point in my makeup bag, so I always try to my best to keep it in a pocket in my purse instead. This is a really great product and I will go so far as to say that you'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like this shade, or any of the other lip butters. Definitely a must-have in my makeup arsenal, especially for the spring and summer months.

Megg C.

I bought this skeptical of all the hype about the color payoff, but it is absolutely true. The color is absolutely gorgeous and totally refreshing and hydrating for my lips. Although I love my lipsticks and glosses...its a nice change and almost a two in one. LOVE IT!

Laurel S.

These butters are AMAZING! The shade lollipop is sheer and buildable. The other reviews say its super bright, but if u only use one layer, it looks like oh hello i`ve been kissing lollipops how bout you? If you add more, its the perfect pink for any skin tone! I would say 5 stars but you need to reapply every 4 hours or else the color fades

Sidney M.
soooo bright!!!

This product is so crazy bright! The only reason I dont love it is because the shine wears off but the color does not so , I find myself having to reapplygloss on top of it continusly. Other than the gloss wearing of it has a strong pigment and the color lasts all night!

Olivia E.
Love this product

I love this Product. But i do feel that if you go on a date and kiss a boy, it would come off on him! I have lollipop and it is sooooooo bright!