Colorburst Lip Butter

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Katie P.
Will be buying more :D

I bought one then ended up buying 8 more! They don't leave my lips dry. I love the color selection. They have everyday colors to bright fun colors. I absolutely love creme brulee because its a perfect nude for everyday and easy to apply without a mirror. They don't stay on too long but I don't mind reapplying because they feel so good on my lips :]. They are pretty pigmented some more so than others. I find red velvet and lollipop to be really pigmented. I also love putting these over my lipsticks to make it more moisturizing. It works and looks great!

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Taryn R.
Definitely worth checking out!

I choose the "swatch" of Creme Brule because that's my favorite, but I actually have ten that I've picked up over the last month. As with a lot of drugstore products, they're hit and miss. Some, like Creme Brule, Sugar Plum and Cotton Candy, are lovely while others, like Cupcake and Gum Drop aren't so great. But the really good ones are worth it. Most--particularly the lighter ones--are effortless and I can apply them without a mirror, just like any other lipbalm. They're creamy and moisturizing with just enough color to look put together but not overdone. I've been wearing these pretty much exclusively since I bought them, leaving all of my other lipsticks and glosses to sit alone on my makeup shelf. I'm quite happy that I found these. They're incredibly convenient and low maintenance products and I love that I can just throw a few in my bag for touchups on the go. I think they're definitely worth checking out!

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Sheila H.

absolutely love these things. I have a ton of the different colors but this is my go to nude lip. feels amazing while on. smells good and doesn't cake into dry lips. I always have to have at least 3 different shades on me at all times.

Anastasia  A.
Very Recommended

Glides very smooth just like butter. Moisturizing enough and yet not tacky. This creme brulee is gonna look a bit pale when you first apply it, but then it will "adapt" to your lips color, making it the my-lips-but-better color. I love it! This is always what I grab for when I'm in hurry because it will suit any color make up I put on. And no matter what state my lips are (dry, chapped) this will always saves them. It's hard to look for lip products with pretty packaging, great formula, amazing color, and affordable, but this is one of them!

Emily M.
My new favorite!

I really like these! I have four of them. Creme Brulee is a nice nude color. Peach Parfait didn't look peach to me but it did to my husband. It is a pretty light color. Pink Truffle and Sugar Plum are in the medium range.

Julianne J.
closest I've gotten to "nude" lips- my new HG product!

After searching high and low for a product that would help me achieve the perfect nude lip look, I decided to give this a shot. I was skeptical this would work for me, although I am satisfied with my other Revlon lip butters. After scouring the reviews here on BL, I went for it, with the highest of hopes. And I wasn't let down. The shade is a sheer champagne/tan and doesn't look too warm on me- it mutes my lip color but enough of my natural color melds with the subtle warmness of the product to create an almost perfect nude lip! Its not super opaque but doesn't appear super sheer either. I was soooo happy this worked for me, cannot even tell you! Since I hit gold on this, thanks to Beautylish, my nude lip luck skyrocketed. I love layering Rimmel London's Stay Glossy lipgloss in 050 Unlimited Gold over to give my lips a slick nude lip look, and Milani's Crystal Gloss in Secret looks great over Creme Brulee- Creme Brulee acting as the most supporting nude lip base! After obsessively stalking the reviews and pics of Revlon's Colorburst Lipstick in 070 Soft Nude I decided to get that, and was more than pleased with its performance, albeit a few issues. All in all these four products seem to work interchangeably and look great layered, in any combo, and are great used for any look- be it balancing out a smokey eye- or adding a visual break from a bright, neon eye look. After waiting for years to find the best nude lip products (for me) I finally found them- and apparently all at the same time. I guess patience is a virtue!

Emilie N.

I went to ulta and they had a sale on these! So I picked up a few not expecting much and when I tried it I fell in love!! It makes your lips feel hydrated and pretty! I love the packaging and the shades are greaat! Must have!

LoveFran M.

I own a few other colors but creme brulee is my favorite its feels very creamy on my lips and give me a nice nude lip. Also love mixing this color with my pinks and peach colors to give me my perfect nude pink or peach lip.

Christina B.
A real glossy opaque nude

I've had Creme Brulee for over a month now, I've used it while at work, going out with my family and going out at night. Its a creamy, opaque true nude. Its not concealer nude. Its not peach-nude or nude-pink...but a natural looking brown with a hint of pink nude. I'm fairly pale and this lip color suits my skin tone and natural lip color. (I have occasionally pigmented lips.) It applies smoothly and evenly (if you take regular care of your lips) and keeps my lips hydrated for some time. Due to its emollient nature, it will last about 3 hours, less if I'm eating. I don't love it for how long it lasts, I love it for its formulation. :) I highly recommend checking them out. When it doubt start with Peach Parfait!

Catherine S.

Im in complete love with this product. Color is super pretty and lasts a good amount of time. I wanted a nude/sheer nude and this is perfect!!! :) Its not a sticky lipstick, which I love. I can't wait to try other colors. :)