Prestige Cosmetics

Liquid Eyeliner


Saby T.

Its good for its price ! Its not the best but good ! i dont rly like how it comes too watery,other than that its a good eyeliner !

Julianne J.
My go to for cat eyes!

I hadn't done a lot of cat eyes in awhile and was in the mood and realized my UD liquid liner that I had for ages was just about used up (or had expired). So I looked around for a cheapie but goodie, and all you ladies had good things to say about this one. Plus, I had been wanting to try out a Prestige product. I really like this liner. I like brushes- not felt tip pens, and this is sorta a hybrid. I can make smooth lines with barely any skips, and I can really go far into my inner corners and still be precise. I love how easy it is to create wings (maybe I'm better with them now, though). This product is one of my go tos in my morning routine. Its small, quick to use and gives great results. I like the formula and have only seen the tiniest hints of creasing- but nothing major. I'd suggest this liner to anyone, and I'm thinking of trying their other colors in the future.

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Esther W.
Simple in every way

I have always used Prestige liquid eyeliner throughout my life as far back as middle school. I have recently tried liquid eyeliners from Sephora and the Stilleto by Maybelline and none compare. Prestige goes on true to its color and stays on all day. The brush is easy to use because it can be used for filling in thick lines as well as creating long, thin wings. The small pot of eyeliner also holds enough liquid for several months of even daily use.

Taries B.
I love

I love all liners from Prestige, I just got the sole / exclusive distributor for this product *PRESTIGE COSMETICS* in Nigeria, I have used all the ranges and I must say its def worth every penny and the good part is its too cheap for the quality. I love and would def recommend this to all..... Enjoy...

Michelle S.
a great liner

I used to use this before I discovered my new liner pen. I love the felt tip! It makes applying it a snap. Also you can make your line as thin or thick as you want without a lot of hassle. The bottle lasted me for months and months so it's a great money saver also. I would not recommend winging it out though because it does have a tendency to smudge and travel when it's not directly on your eyelid. I recommend this product and will probably end up buying another bottle again. :]

Lynn R.

I love this liquid liner. I used to use Lola, but then Sephora stopped selling it :[ and it was a little pricey too, so I went to drug store brands. My friend left this at my house and I tried it out. After trying it I loved it and purchased it. Its soo black which I love and stays on the whole day. I don't like the brush, but I don't like most liquid liner brushes, besides the Lola brush, so I kept the Lola brush and just dip it in the other liquid :p

Christina L.
The never-ending liquid eye liner!
Photo of product included with review by Christina L.

This is my absolute favorite liquid liner ever! I don't even bother trying the Lancome Art Liner or MAC fluid line gel liner or anything else people rave about because this is the perfect eye liner! I also own the Black/Brown, which is basically black anyway, and Pop Star, which is white. It lasts forever, doesn't smudge, dries quickly, and the best part, one bottle lasts me forever! It took me more than a year of pretty much every do use, before I ran out. If they discontinued this product, I would be very upset!

Anneka F.

This is fantastic. I can't believe how much I love it. Its cheap and it stays all day. It's easy to apply and the bottle lasts me FOREVER. It never seemed to dry out or run out, I only replace it because I know how old it is and should get a new one. If I didn't know any better, it'd probably last me 5 years! Its super pigmented as well.

Su L.

I used to use Prestige's liquid eyeliner religiously. But may I add that this was before I was introduced to the world of makeup and wonder, not just the drug store. You can definitely find some quality liquid liners at the drugstore for a fraction of what a higher end liquid liner will cost. However, Prestige may not be that liquid liner form the drug store you're looking for. The applicator is very easy to use and after a few swipes of practice, you'll be a pro at using it in no time. The reason why I'm so mehhh about this product is that the liquid liner is not opaque and I really like my black to be black. Even if I layer on coats of the liquid liner on my eyes, I don't get the color I want so I end up having to set the liner and darken it up with matte black eye shadow. And it smears oh so much. Unless you have primer on and you make sure to check yourself out in the mirror ever so often to make sure your makeup isn't smeared, you will look like a raccoon after only a few hours. I suppose this is a decent liquid liner but it's definitely not the worst nor the best.