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Nail Polish


Patricia A.
I'm a Fan

I REALLY like OPI, have several colors but I do agree that it kinds of chips fast, but that can be easily fixed with a good top coat - also by OPI. If you use their Nail Envy product below and on top of your nail polish, it last longer and even help your nails to grow. My Favourite colection so far was the Muppets one - I have 3 shades. I think the colors are fun and pretty, and you can even mix and match your fingernails with the glittlerish ones and other colors. I agree, the brush is awesome!

Christina N.
Pink glitter with rainbow

This is really pretty if you like glitter. I happen to love glitter so when I got this in my mini collection I was stoked. The silver and maroony red color that came with it didnt impress me, however this was the reason I got the minis. Really pretty pink shimmer and pink glitter with the rainbow glitter sprinkled in. this should have been in katy perrys collection replacing teenage dream. Love this under black shatter.