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Lip Tar


buddi x.
lips, face, body oh my!
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The obsession really started in 2012. The first 3 shades I picked up were Tarred, Hoochie, and Feathered. High pigmentation with just a tiny drop of the liptar is really what drove me in but the versatility of these products definitely made me stay. Not only can you mix and match to create your own personal shade but they can be used all over your face and body (not recommend for mediated eye area), making it a mua stable. Your favorite liptar could double as your favorite blush, or even highlighter (i.e Hollywood looks great on the cheeks. As an added plus I'm pretty cautious about sharing my products with friends because lets face it... I don't know where or who they put their lips on so squeezing out the product saves the headache of having to run to the market in the morning to fix that cold sore on your lip :P

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