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Lip Tar

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Vanessa W.

I adore the saturation and pigment of these lip tars! I also lovee how you can mix the shades to make new ones, that's so cool. However, I don't like having to brush it on, I prefer a stick or tube to apply my lip products. If you're looking for a strong pigmented lip product then this is it, but I wish the application was more portable and carefree! aha :)

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Anissa K.

I LOOOOOVE THESE LIP TARS!!! I am more of a lipstick girl because i perfer full coverage, but these lip tars are super pigmented and opaque. A little bit goes a long way and i think they are perfect for muas because the packaging is so small. I own about 25 of them...you could always just purchase the primary colors and mix them to create your own colors! Cha Cha happens to be a fav along with Anime, Hoochie and Grandma!

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