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Lip Tar

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Stacia J.

i only have anime but im in love its sooo pretty i think its worth the 16 bucks cuz idk how youd ever run out of this stuff i do think a liner is MUST with these i put this on and it no joke lasts a really long time for me i wanna try a lot more color i think its for sure worth and shot PLUS if u ask for sample a sephora the sample alone will last a really long time a little goes such a loong way!

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Day B.

This product is great when you're looking for a bright, bold neon pink color! When I wear this I get so many compliments and questions on what it is. However there is a downside, this product is EXTREMELY drying. I suggest buying their clear lip tar or a cheap clear gloss to swipe over it from time to time! Apart from the drying it does last a long time if you're careful with your lips, and it does pack a punch in terms of colour! Not for the faint-hearted! Also this will last you FOREVER as you only need one drop for your lips for each use!

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Arkia M.
Not Impressed

I have several of these lip tars. I love the color variety, pay off, and pigmentation of all of them, but as for the longevity it's not there for me. It fades rather quickly off my lips. I much prefer my WnW lippies. They last far longer on my lips than both MAC and OCC. I also am not a fan of the liquid consistency of these. They are more hype to me than anything. It also has a major drying effect on my lips which I absolutely detest. I also hate how they separate in the container, it looks gross!! *Top to Bottom* Narcisiuss (I think I spelled that wrong, the name rubbed off) Anime Grandma ChaCha NSFW Hoochie Tarred (as you can see it's really watery and barely and black came out even after squishing it around in the tube.) Feathered

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Vania N.

I love wearing hot pink lips and this lip tar is my favorite thing to use when I really want that pop of color. It's true to the color you see in the tube and it smells amazing. It lasts for a really long time as well. I love it!

Stacey P.

Love the pigmentation in this product... great for multiple different uses!! This pink is definitely a bright neon lip color... Perfect for the trending Neons. Consistency is creamy to start but then dries down... Long lasting color for sure!! This pink is the perfect "Barbie" pink.

MaKaylli T.
Great Color, Interesting Texture

I got this product due to hearing about OCC all the time. I love this color and consistency. It took me a long time to really understand how to use this product. You don't need a lot, only a little. I don't like the brush that came with it. I think personally that the brush could be better quality. Overall I love the product and will buy more in the future.

Sarai R.

I love lip tar, they have such cool colors, i have the colors, momento, anime, black dahlia, and NSFW :) and its the best long lasting liquid lipstick I've tried yet

Dahlia D.

This product is quite great, and I don't have many problems with it. It gives you a vibrant finish with the color I have, Anime. I strongly suggest buying this product because it's just so amazing. It doesn't crack or anything. The gloss stays on all day even during eating and drinking. Just don't apply too much!

Racquel S.
Sizzles For Summer

Dries down to matte. Love it. When I'm trying to go a bit more sultry, I add a sheer pink gloss on top. Amazing. Adding a gloss helps, if it gets a bit to dry for you. LOVE the pigmentation.