NYX Cosmetics

Soft Matte Lip Cream


Jordyn D.

Every time I wear this, many people come up to me and ask about it. They can't believe that it is a drugstore brand lipstick! It looks and wears like a high end lipstick. Very easy to apply and stays on for the day. Definitely recommend Stockholm for a natural everyday lip color.

Lauren G.
Loooooove Itttttt!

I've been wanting to try this and finally got one! I've seen a few beauty gurus on Youtube with these and was excited to try them. So I purchased Stockholm and tried it immediately and fell in love! The color is like a peachy pink nude. The texture is creamy but dries to a matte finish. I like to apply a clear gloss over this to give it dimension. I agree that this does shows cracks but nothing a little lip balm can't handle. And this is long lasting! Try it! =)

Morgan H.
Love, but love even more after using this trick

I just bought this and really love the formula. Not drying at all, and dried down matte. But it definitely wasn't kiss-proof, because it never fully dried. BUT, I decided to try lightly setting the product AFTER it dried with elf's Hi-Def powder (a translucent loose powder.) Feels smooth, still not drying, and now kiss-proof! I know most people's complaints about the product is that it transfers, but after using the powder it doesn't! Just wanted to share this little trick!

Morgan H.
Love, but love even more after applying like this
Photo of product included with review by Morgan H.

I just bought this and I'm in LOVE with the color. Perfect nude for me. These dry down matte, but I found they never fully dry. Definitely not kiss-proof, let alone for eating/drinking. BUT, I decided to try setting it with elf's hi-def powder (a translucent powder). Completely kiss-proof! Even after the powder it still isn't drying at all!

Nicole A.
actually pretty good

I have bad luck with a lot of NYX products, but these work pretty well for the price esp this color which I find as a great everyday nude. Not very bold but enough to make my lips look fuller, does wear off within 2 hrs though so I have to touch up quite a bit, Overall the best matte drug store brand matte ive found.

Abigail T.
Not the best

I love a good matte lip and I love nyx products, but these creams I just could not get in to. I bought these after reading some reviews online about them and their long lasting wear.

I found them to be very drying to the point where I had to put lip balm under and over them (which essentially defeated my matte look) and they still tended to dry out my lips. Also I thought they looked very cheap and they tended to last for about 20 minutes on me without eating or drinking (they were completely gone by the time I finished any sort of food or drink). Also after the lip cream was gone I didn't feel like they even left any color to my lips at all.

I do not plan on repurchasing these any time soon.