NYX Cosmetics

Soft Matte Lip Cream


Olivia B.
NYX- Antwerp

This color is absolutely gorgeous. It is the perfect blend of coral and pink and maybe a little orange. What stood out to me was the "matte" in the product title. I am not a fan of shimmer or glossy lips normally so when I tried a little dab of this on my hand I fell in love. It definitely is matte and has a super smooth texture on your lips. I have a darker skin tone so I prefer to line my lips first. If your skin tone is fair to medium you could probably get away without lining first. If you are like me and don't like flashy lips, get this product!

Lacey B.

I really do like these. The one and only complaint I have is that it dries out my lips, and I cannot wear them if I haven't exfoliated my lips first or else it looks awful. Other than that, I love the texture, the color, the smell, and the fact that once it dries it doesn't really transfer (it does, however, fade if you're eating or something.) It's fairly pigmented, at least the color I have is. Overall, a good product, and very different from any other lip products I have.

Tyni R.
I'm a bit disappointed

I was excited when I got mine since I read a lot of reviews about these lip creams and this specific lip color.

Yeah, the color was nice but not as pigmented as I expected; 1/2 star for that. The smell was vanilla-like which complemented the "cream"-like state of the product;1 star for that. Cheap; 1 star for that. But it was a bit too creamy for me. It easily slides/wipes off; 1/2 star for that (Or is it just that hot in my country? lol)

But again, that's just my two cents.

Kaela S.
Love but extremely drying.

I love the idea of this product but when I applied it to my lips I instantly felt stinging. After wearing it for a little while, I took it off because I didn't like how it made my lips feel dry. Once it was removed, my lips looked and felt EXTREMELY dry. I had to constantly apply my lip balm for a few days after to gain all the moisture back that I had lost from one application. On a positive note, these matte lip creams are very pigmented and come in an amazing range of colors. I would recommend this product for people who are able to wear matte lip products and who don't get extremely dry as a result from using them.