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Round Lipstick

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Chrisi P.

This was one of my first round lipsticks and I love it! I'm not so much of a "nude" fan now, but it definitely was my go-to nude. It was creamy and I thought the color was perfect for my skin tone. I thought it was even better than MAC's Creme d'Nude as that has a little bit of pink to it, whereas Circe is more of a truer "nude".

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Melissa D.

I must say theres a lot of frosty colors, but the ones that arent are pretty good. My favorite one is Circe and a pretty nude, nude for my skin color that is. The lipsticks dont smell awful either, they actually smell like flowers (or something like it). I expected them to smell plasticy or not have a scent at all but i was surprised to see that they smelled quite nice. Some of the colors can be a bit too creamy but thats nothing a kleenex dap cant fix. I love my round lippies =) well certain colors that is, and they are a good price as well!

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Aja T.

I love these lipsticks , so many colors to choose from and really cheap. Most of there colors would make great dupes for any MAC lipcolor. I use these daily , my fave color is Circe. It's my goto shade, I like to use it in the center of my lips to tone down bright shades of lipstick

Cynia B.
Pigmented, vast array of shades

Paired with a brown liner, this has become the perfect nude for me! Good for any woc still on the search for brown nudes. Also a great dupe for the Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick


Jessica-Lynn R.

This has been my favorite by far. NYX is one of many brands i love love all nudes especially circe can't get my hands off of it. Great for a natural look. Just hate the fact it doesn't last as long.

Lisa May L.

I purchased this a couple of years ago & would say this was one of my favorite nude lipsticks. I'm not sure if they discontinued Circe but I heard from someone that they did so I no longer bothered to check after. :( Goes on smooth & has a great color pay off.

Kaitlyn D.

The color is a true nude on my skin tone, totally washes out my lips. But when I put on a bronzy or mauve lipgloss this is really very pretty. The consistency is creamy and smooth, and staying power is surprisingly strong. Love nyx round lipsticks but this color just didn't work 100% for me. Will not repurchase.