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Rouge Cream Blush

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No Longer Available D.
Great Product!
Photo of product included with review by No Longer Available D.

This was my first ever cream blush and I have to say that I am very pleased with it! I love the color it gives on my cheeks. I use my ELF stippling brush to apply this. Gives such a nice color and glow on the cheeks! I love that this product is versatile as well! You can use it on your lips or even on your lids as a base! Works great! The color is pigmented and very buildable. Long lasting! LOVE it! I love that NYX has so many colors to chose from and super affordable!

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Aniko F.
My Go To Cheek Color For The Summer!

All through out the summer I found myself reaching for this NYX Cream Blush in Glow as my go to cheek color! Its super creamy, easy to blend and nicely pigmented! I think it would look really great on fair to tan skin tones to give you a really fresh, slightly pinky, well..."glow".

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Inbal S.
So pink, and yet so natural

This blush is in my top two. I have dry to normal skin and this blush looks so natural it's just unbelievable... It's cheap, got a fair amount of product and it's so easy to apply.. One important thing you must remeber is that you should only use a tiny amount of color and build it if you want it to, otherwise you'll end up looking like a porcelain doll :-) In terms of texture on the cheecks, it has this ''part of your skin'' look to it. Will definitely repurchase.

Kate L.

My old blushes just sit in the back of my closet now, as I pull this one out every day. I dab two fingers in and blend it across my cheeks for the perfect rosy glow. I am very fair with freckles, and if you like your freckles, this blush is amazing. It makes them pop somehow, in a very sweet way, and you look so fresh and natural. At the end of the day, it's still all there. It also looks lovely on lips, although it doesn't last there. I will say that if you purchase online, you MUST look at reviewers' swatches, because the colors are way off on here and on Ulta. But once you find the right shade for you, you will not regret it.

Erica I.
I love this product!

This cream blush is super pigmented and easy to blend.I love the color it gives on my cheeks and I sometimes use it on my lips. There are many colors to choose from and the colors look good on any skin tone.

Liana B.
So pigmented!
Photo of product included with review by Liana B.

I love this color, it's very cream, a tad bit thick but the color payoff is so great, it's extremely pigmented! I use a small blush brush and just dab it in then swirl onto my cheeks for a nice rosy glow....love it!

Dani C.

This creates a really pretty glow all day long. I wear it over mineral makeup and I had a problem with powder blush wearing off quickly or being slightly blotchy. But the cream works wonders. However, it is extremely easy to overdo it with this. I have to be careful to put the littlest bit on as it is extremely pigmented. But I doubt I'll have to purchase another for a while because of it. Can't wait to try other colors!