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NYX Cosmetics

Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil


Shaquira B.

I like using these a base for eyeshadow colors just to give it that extra pop and they work great! I definitely recommend them! I had like five of them but i've given them away! got to share the good stuff!

Katie W.
they live up to the hype

I just picked up three of them at Ulta today ($2 each) and they're so fabulous. I definitely understand why girls keep saying "i have one of every color"! They go on so smooth and creamy, the color are deep, highly pigmented, rich & blendable. I really can't believe they are $2. They're rock stars.

I got "purple", "purple velvet" and "slate". I didn't mean to get two purples, but the "purple" pencil looked like a bright royal blue, which is what I was wanting. But it's totally my fault for not testing. Just thought you might like the heads-up that if you see royal blue, it goes on purple. So read the label, don't be a dork like me :)

....PS: as you might have guessed by all of the other comments, "milk" was completely sold-out in the store! Gotta be the best! Gonna try Christina's tip about depotting them.

Angie R.
Milk, Purple and Bronzer

I got my NYX pencils yesterday and immediately started playing! I used the purple as a base over my UDPP. I had my make up on for a few hours and I was happy with the way the makeup lasted. I also have these in milk and bronze

Anna A.
I also have this in milk and black bean, and I'm not exactly impressed.

I like this as a base, but I quickly have to apply my eyeshadow, or it'll make it crease like heck! I love the sleek packaging, it's unique and very compact, but I always depot my pencils since I don't find it exactly sane to shave your pencil, leading to wasting a few ounces of product along with the unnecessary shavings.I hate the fact that even though I've been buying this product for over a couple of years, they haven't found a way to not make it crease!