NYX Cosmetics

Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil


Shannon M.

So I just recently picked this item up from my local beauty store and I was originally looking for the color milk since they didnt have it I got Cottage Cheese. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I use it as a primer base under everything matte or shimmer or even glitter. It helps prevent creasing which is a HUGE plus. If your feeling lazy you can just swipe a bit of this on your eyes and bam your ready for the day it blends beautifully and hasn't dissapointed yet. Im definately going to pick up more of these little guys!

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Delanor J.

Just received this yesterday and I feel in love! It's a great eye-shadow base with a touch of shimmer that looks great under a white shadow. Definitely buying more of these in every colour!

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Donnie J.
Love it.

Of course I'd heard from friends that these jumbo pencils were awesome, so I decided to get one and try for myself. O.M.G. I just love it. Like everyone else said, it is a wonderful base, and excellent for highlighting. It goes on so creamy and smooth. I got the cottage cheese which is like a pearl-off white, it's really beautiful. I look forward to trying all the other colors!

Rachel M.
Great all around!

I love using Cottage Cheese as an eyeshadow base and it works really nice as a highlight on the brow bone as well. Works amazing for the price, and I need to go get more! haha

Cheez H.

I got this as a multi use highlight and eyeshadow. It is easily blendable. I know many people love the color Milk, but I got Cottage Cheese for two reasons: 1: my ULTA doesn't have the shade Milk and 2: I prefer shimmer if I am highlighting my face/eyes. I have glasses, so this helps me brighten up my eye area as dark shadows are cast on my eyes. I love it for a soft, everyday look. It does crease, which annoys me, but it is small enough so that I can keep it in there for touch-ups. I know some people have an issue with sharpening as it is entirely plastic, but I was able to sharpen it with a strong large sharpener. Overall, if you are looking for something good to use for highlighting or a good eyeshadow, I would always recommend it.

Katie C.
awesome! high quality!

these beautifully sheek eye pencils make a beautiful shine anywere on your eye! so worth 4 dollars! find them at your local ulta or online even on ebay! although they cannot be sharpened :( they are awesome!!

Curiosidades E.
Originally looking for the Milk pencil

In Canada it's hard to find NYX pencils...they had this one so I bought two. It's a nice product...goes on smooth with a thick feel but would be happier if I could have found the original one I wanted. The cottage cheese is not white enough or matte enough to give that nice primer for eye colours. The pencil though is more subtle for brightening the lower lid. This product has a sheen to it...would prefer it matte. All in all it's a quality pencil. Recommend if you are looking for the Milk pencil to seek it out.

Paula J.
Nice colors

I bought several shades of this product and it's amazing how the colors are bright with less product. It's super smooth, but I notice that I can't use it as a "primer" to set better my pressed powder shadows. I have oily skin and I notice that if I use this jumbo pencils with no primer at all it tend to crease a lot in my eyelids.

Inge V.

Great base for eye make-up, but it tends to crease when you apply too much, so use sparsely. The pearl shine is nice, but after applying eyeshadow over it I see hardly any difference with the color Milk.

Kelly C.
Great highlight!

I got the idea from xsparkage to use a nix jumbo eye shadow pencil for a brow and inner corner highlight (I use cottage cheese instead of milk though!) and it's so pretty! It adds an instant glow to my eyes and really helps make them pop! I find that if I use these as an eye shadow base without another eye shadow primer, they crease like crazy! But if applied properly, these are gorgeous.