NYX Cosmetics

Glitter Powder


Elizabeth G.

I have this glitter in the shade pink, and it really was a disappointment! I was hoping for PINK sparkle, not green sparkle with grits of pink, but anyway. The glitter is really translucent, I can use it on top of any bright, warm shade and it just makes it look glittery. (Pink Glitter used on top of Sugarpill's Flamepoint in the photo!). I mean, the glitter itself isn't really that bad, it is sparkly but it's a green sparkle like I said before, and gritty almost sand like pieces of pink mixed throughout it. I will use this glitter on my nails, and to transform another eyeshadow color into a glittery masterpiece, but as for a pure sparkly glittery pink as it's described, it is definitely not, I wish I woud have picked up a different shade!