NYX Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Base


Nicky F.
Amazing Results

I was given this in my kit when I did my first makeup course and kinda hid it down the bottom of my case because at that stage I was addicted to the Urban Decay Primer Potion and nothing could compete with Urban Decay in my eyes. One day I was doing makeup and couldn't find my Urban Decay primer in my case but found this at the bottom and thought sure I might as well give it a try, I'm desperate. So I did and haven't looked back since. I think its probably for younger skin as it adds a touch of shimmer to your eyeshadow. Its quite a thick product but you only need to use a small amount. I haven't had to replace mine yet. It really goes a long way. It makes my shadow last so much longer (until I go to take it off before bed). It also doubles as a highlighter. I'd be lost without this product. Its my "go to" eyeshadow base. Urban Decay who lol

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Angela s.

This white base is beyond great under colored eye shadows. It really makes the bright colors stand out and pop. And for the price you can't beat it. It lasts all day and doesn't crease. I'll definatly re-purchase it.

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eyezayuh m.

Everyone should own at least 2 of these!! One for yourself and one for your makeup kit. I love the consistency and I usually apply it with a concealer brush. It does make colors pop more and helps eyeshadows sweep on better.

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oooxxxooo o.
Perfect for Women of Color

Wow, what a great product. I always get mad because I'm tan and so colors don't pop out as they should. I use makeup for clean looks in the classroom so that's why I didn't get the pearlized base. I got white and i love my choice. people tell me how much they notice my beautiful eye makeup now, and the base is sticky and thick enough for oily skin to not cause creases. Great, amazing product overall.

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Pureness S.
Great stand out quality

As any other white cream base should do it makes the colors (esp. brights) look sharper and adhere better. I personally use other eyelid primers under to help with creasing a bit more.

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Algar F.

. Prior to using this product my eyeshadows were dull and never lasted long.This has been my saving grace from the first use. So i can wear all my bright colors without having to do touchups.

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Silbia M.
Love this product!

This product works so well, I was absolutely shocked at how well it works. No creases and keeps your eyeshadow in place! Absolutely fabulous. I'm falling in love more with nyx products.

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Theresa G.
Not what I was hoping it will be.

I really thought that this product was going to be the white jumbo pencil in a pot form and I wouldn't have to depot anymore. In this case it is nothing like the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in MILK. It is tooooo greasy even with an eyeshadow base like UD primer Potion. I have decided that this product goes into the kit for face paint for the kids : )

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Kesha M.
LOVE !!!

I love this product! Why? Because it makes all my colorful makeup pop. It makes all the color vivid. Great for all. Although I have oily lids so I always put a eye primer before I apply this eyeshadow base. Also don't apply an excessive amount because it will crease. But other than that it works and keeps my eyeshadow colors looking bright and vivid all day !!!

Elisa E.
I'll use this Forever!!!

This is one of those products that I love and will keep replacing forever :) The little pot will last me a long while because you need only a little bit to apply onto the lid and I've had this since early 2011, and it looks bareIy touched, apply this on top of a primer and it doesn't crease, it really makes colors pop. I have the JEP in Milk but perfer this base because its a lot easier to spread and unlike Milk doesn't crease at all either on my hooded lids or lower lashline. I use this in every makeup look that I do, and typically wear my makeup for 17hrs without any problem. Good buy :)