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Julia G.

I have mildly oily eyelids and this product creases instantly after I apply it. The texture of the product is greasy as well.

It does serve as a nice base for eyeshadows, but what good is that if you have a constant crease line showing.

It was an okay product.

Letecia B.

I started using this a year ago and have never been disappointed. Keeps your eye colors bright and true to color. Eye shadow primer keeps your eye color in place all day.

Tania M.
makes the shadows pop

Ive used many primers, expensive ones, and inexpensive, this one is good and it lasts pretty much throughout the day. I like the skin tone one because it goes on smooth,and effortless. This is a must in my beauty routine!

Sarra C.
Yes, I'm satisfied. :)

I was on many blog pages,and read reviews,i find it pleased many girls so i decided to try it. I went to Alexandar cosmetics in Novi Sad,Serbia,and I bought it. I came home,and immediately put it on eyes,and under eyes as corrector,it made great result, my shadows lasted longer. Price is 630 RSD and it's very good price with quility it has. Sorry for my english,it's not my first language. :*

Viola M.
Must Have

I use this product just about everyday. i use it to highlight, contour conceal , primer. it is the must have for the beauty addict. Nyx makes such amazing products, just luv luv. and it doesn't break the bank

Ashley S.

I loveee this stuff!! It's like concealer for your eyes! I don't really like using concealer or foundation to cover the veins and discoloration because it doesn't necessarily prime your eye or make the shadows stay on longer. But this stuff cancels out the color, veins, etc. on my lids amazingly. If I decide not to wear eyeshadow or anything, I still put this on to make my eyes look bigger and make my whole face look fresh. It says it's a base, but I find that it helps my eyeshadow stay on long without creasing like a primer. LOVE! <3

Lynette L.
One of the lucky ones

I don't have oily lids and the base matches my skintone, so it works well for me. I see it causes problems for other people, but I like it and use it often. So if you have oily eyelids, stay away, but if not, it does a good job.

Nicole  B.
Simply alright

This primer works well enough for a few hours but then creases later on. It is easy to apply with a finger and goes on smoothly. Eyeshadow goes on well, since I got the skin tone things don't pop too much. I only use this primer when I am trying out a new look and not going out. However, I am interested in trying the white.

Arlene M.

I have this in skin tone and it does a really good job. I have oily lids and it doesn't crease smudge or budge, lasts all day. I actually like that it comes in a jar because you only need a very small amount

Gabby M.
Great for the price!

I love this product as a base under my eyeshadows. I don't have really oily eyelids so if you do I'm not really sure how this will work for you. Its inexpensive, helps your eyeshadows 'stick' and show up more vibrant. This product really smooths out your lid and prepares it for your makeup application. The only reason I would take off a star is that is is packaged in a jar instead of a squeeze tube and the 'skin tone' shade may not work for deeper or lighter skin tones. All in all its a great product and I would recommend trying it for the price unless you already have an eyeshadow primer that works for you.