Shimmer Eyeshadow


Janice E.
Give it a whirl!!

I'm a big fan of Nars and I can say that Strada(I call it my L.A Laker color) is one of my fave purples to use,highly pigmented and super blendable and a color you can take from day to evening...very carefully i love the gold shimmers in it too;)

Eleonora B.
I see every day in purple!

I fell so in love with this eye shadow, that sometimes I had to stop myself and choose another color for my day look! Not sure what to do...I just love Strada, great pigments, with sparkly tones ( I am not really a fan of sparkles but in Strada it just works) Even when I don't need purple in my look, I always add a tiny touch of Strada.

Kristen W.
Beautiful color, horrible staying power
Kristen W.'s Review Image

After reading the other reviews, I must have gotten the bad seed out of the bunch. The color is absolutley gorgeous and unique. The amethyst mixed with gold really caught my attention in the store and it swatched beautifully. The texture is velvety smooth and very soft. But even with the use of primer, this shadow did not stay on me. My Wet n Wild shadows perform a lot better than this.