Sheer Glow Foundation


Lauren F.

Love this foundation, good medium to full coverage, satin finish perfect foundation and Mont Blanc is a great match for me. Looks great in photos hardly any flashback, only bad thing is that its quite expensive at £30 something a bottle I don't buy it often.

Samantha F.

I love this foundation, it has a nice dewy finish and great coverage. I'm on to my second bottle of this! That's how much I love this stuff. Not to mention it is build-able and can be full coverage.

Fiona W.

This is a really good foundation as it gives a good coverage, but what I find the most annoying is that it doesn't come with a pump, but apart from that it's one of my most used foundations

Alex B.
goes on like a second skin

one of the only foundations that is fair enough for my skin. it has a little bit of a yellow undertone, and evened out the red in my skin. its sheer enough that it looks natural on my skin as well.

Sophie M.
Love it-- But only for a few hours

Although I am absolutely in love with this foundation; I can't use it day to day because I find I get oily and creased in a matter of hours. I love the coverage and the finish this foundation gives but I only ever wear it on special occasions where I'll be wearing it for maybe 6 hours and will have the opportunity to powder during the night. I absolutely recommend it as long as you don't mind the maintenance

Rebecca J.
Not as sheer as you think.

When the lady at the counter applied this for me I loved it! The shade was perfect and it looked beautiful in all lights so I went back and got it the following week.

Sadly, I was really disappointed when I applied this myself. I tried with brushes, sponges and my fingers but I couldn't get it to work at all! It was cakey and thick plus the colour was too orangey.

I used this for weeks trying to get it right and even mixing it with a moisturiser wouldn't work out for me. I ended up getting rid of it after months of experimenting. It was very hit and miss, some days it looked amazing and I thought I had it down but then it would look awful the next day.

I will definitely not be repurchasing! It's definitely not as sheer as it sounds, more like medium to moderate so if you are after a sheer/ light coverage foundation this is not for you!