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Sheer Glow Foundation


Maya K.
Clogs pores

The description for this foundation makes it sound so great but it is just horrible for skin. It clogs up pores and is greasy. If you are looking for a nice dewy foundation that has beneficial ingredients and makes you look youthful, I recommend Benefits "Hello Flawless" or Lorac's "Breakthrough Performance Foundation"

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Cameron R.
Not Worth The Hype.

I went into Sephora today to get color matched to some concealer and also to pick up some things for my Mom. The SA who was helping me had lovely, glowing, yet slightly matte skin, and when I asked what she used, she told me it was this foundation. She went ahead and got me color matched to this in Barcelona which is a tad too yellow, but none the less was the best shade available for me. (Note: I have already tried this product before, and returned it after a day or two because I just thought the price surpassed the quality, but since the SA looked so good, I figured she could give me some tips.) I had already taken all my makeup off on one side of my face so we could see how good the concealer I was getting, covered, and after we finished she offered to apply the foundation to the side of my face. 1. This doesn't have a pump, and for $44.00 dollars that is unacceptable. I won't pay a penny more for an extra pump, and I can't risk breaking out because of bacteria entering the foundation. 2. It covers well ( Medium and Buildable) and blends somewhat nicely, but it settles into my pores and gives me the appearance of fine lines that I don't have with other foundations. 3. It sits on your skin. The SA used a Sephora Brush similar to my F82, and it just SAT on top of my skin, making it look very artificial and plastic whereas my other foundation can be blended in with ease and made to look very skin-like. I thought maybe it was just the lack of preperation I had given my skin before we applied this, so I took a sample pot of it home, used primer, mositurizer, etc and it looked exactly the same. Heavy, flaky, etc. I will be sticking with my MUFE HD.

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Pamele N.

I don't think there's a better foundation out there! Been using it since fall 2014 and it is still my only foundation that I keep on buying again and again after such long time. The coverage is (for me at least) medium up to full if you apply a couple of layers, yet it looks so good and natural. Foundation is my biggest obsession when it comes to makeup so I would always buy a new one or two...or three while out and about shopping, and none of them compare to Sheer Glow, not even the Armani Luminous Silk or Chanel Perfection Lumiere, to which Sheer Glow gets compared quite a lot. First of all I love the shades, as they lean yellow on the biggest part, my best friend has this in shade Siberia which is supposed to be half yellow and half pink, but in reality is way more yellow than in description, which is a good thing for those with majority of yellow undertones. Second thing is the consistency and thickness of it, this is exactly what I always was searching for. Finally, the finish on my normal/combo skin is glowy and very natural and gorgeous-looking. It smoothes out all the surface of my skin and makes it looked airbrushed and just perfect! This really is the best foundation ever! Couldn't be more happy with it :)

Adrienne B.
Perfect tone

Normally finding foundation for my skin is difficult considering that I'm half Asian, half American, so I have medium skin with really warm undertones. Normally the shades I find are either too dark or too light. But this one was perrrrrfect. I love the dewy finish and how it also covers up the redness and pores

Ariel H.

OKAY! so I just bought this & barcelona matches my skin perfectly! It looks soooo great on my skin. Im very happy that I decided to buy this foundation . I love that glowing dewy look. But to be honest since this foundation gives that dewy affect. If you have SUPER oily skin you shouldn't use a lot of this foundation. But I love the look of this foundation. I recommend nars sheer glow to everyone! :)

Mae P.
sensitive skin & redness NOT with this foundation.

I am always on the hunt for that one foundation that will put all others to shame. I most def. like this foundation as I don't really need to wear concealer after applying it. I have sensitive skin so I'm always scared to try out different products on my face because the aftermath of breakouts suck! With this NARS Sheer Glow I do not have that problem. It also covers the redness and is quite lasting. Lives up to the hype. My skin looks great and it doesn't feel heavy at all. Since I have dry/combo skin after 4-5 hrs. it does get oily on the T-Zone but it does not look greasy.