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Lexy P.
Worth the $$

I've tried Maybeline's blushes, but I couldn't even get the product from the container to my face.. so i had to look for a new blush

Pros: A little goes a very long way No powdery look Very pigmented

Cons: none that i can think of

approx. $30

Mella R.
peach-ish dewy, gold/silver glitter

When i got it was expecting it to be a lighter on the skin than it actually is! but its VERY true to color, the pigment is strong, strong enough to the point that sometimes you may find yourself applying to much very quickly if you're not careful..but over all i love it for a smokey eye, and for even a neutral look, when i have nothing but eyeliner and mascara it still looks great. The glitter makes a statement.