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Tanny W.
My view on Nars Outlaw

The finishing of this blush is the same as Orgasm blush, with the golden undertone it give the skin a very nice glow. The blusher is very pigmented so a little bit go along way, but it is buildable for fair skin apply it lightly and for medium-dark apply 2-3 layers. It is a long lasting blusher, when I trialed it it lasted up to 8 hours it has noticeable faded but not completely disappear. If you do have combination-oily skin I recommend to wear prima underermeath so that the blusher doesn’t disappear when the skin produces oil. This colour blush suits any skin tone from very fair to dark skin, it also a good everyday colour to give the skin a soft glow and pop of rosy on the cheeks. In my opinion this blusher is prefect for any season of the year, it look good with the tan in the summer and even better in the winter with a red lipstick.

Victoria D.
In Love.

When I walked into Sephora that day, I definitely wasn't planning on purchasing a NARS blush. But as soon as I walked by Outlaw, it accidentally hopped into my hand and I had to leave with it. This color is amazingly gorgeous, and I just couldn't stop staring at it. I knew I wasn't leaving the store without this blush. It applies like a dream! I like to use a light hand, so it's not too over powering, and a little goes a very long way. This was my first NARS blush, and actually my first NARS purchase! And I'm very impressed with it. So glad their blushes live up to the hype. I am lusting after more NARS blushes now!

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Rene M.
Love it!!

it last long not to much shimmer and it goes well as an everyday blush but u can dress it up to must have for my skin tone. I tried it because its the same color of my favorite blush by a differnet brand and I fell inlove instantly cause the color was truer and it last twice as long.

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