Powder Eyeshadow Palette


Jessica H.
So-So Neons..

I picked up this product sometime last year I believe when it first launched as a limited edition of Milani's. I ordered it off the website because I just HAD TO HAVE IT! I mean, lets face it, its totally gorgeous and I couldn't wait to get it in the mail. Even though I already owned such a wide variety of bright neon colored shadows (sugarpill, sleek, etc) I wanted to add this one to my collection. After getting it home and playing with it, I am not so sure that I would have went through the anxiety of rushing to their website to order in hopes that it wasn't already sold out. The colors in this are not very pigmented and seemingly chalky. I really really really had to dig my brush in their and pack the color on my lid. I think on my first use of this, I made a seriously dip the yellow with my mac 219 brush, just trying to get some sort of wash of color. I think if you are a new to bright makeup, this would be a good alternative to maybe get your feet wet, but if you have other neon shades, this one really isn't worth the bother...

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Victoria D.

Seeing this palette in the drugstore last year, I could hardly believe my eyes. Neons? At the drugstore? It can't be as promising as it looks. Well, I scooped it up faster than anything,and was pleasantly surprised with it! The color pay off is pretty good, but even better with a sticky base. Although, the white color in the center can be put on before any other colors, making them brighter. They are matte finish as well! This palette is extremely gorgeous, I always find myself reaching for it! It makes it so easy to do a rainbow eye, or to mix your own eyeshadow colors!

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