INFINITE Liquid Liner


Libby B.

I LOVE THIS STUFF! Best bright liquid drug store eyeliner I have ever found, I usually don't use it with anything, nude lips and eyeshadow and let this stuff steal the show. I love how super water proof it is, stays on forever....sometimes even the next day ha!

Norah D.

I have Infinite right now (because every time I go to get the black they're sold out) and I am in love with it. It it very pigmented. It is a bit thick which can be a good or bad thing. It's a great thing for me because I have a tendency to get thin liners all over the place. It does dry very quickly which is something I really like. I don't have to sit and wait for it to dry before I open my eye. I don't really have anything bad to say about it :)

Amanda B.
Good stuff, great color

Mine got sort of gloppy after a few months. I had the blue and the bronze. Love the colors, went on well. However, the brushes sort of got messed up somehow and I couldn't put it on right after that.

Ayanna P.
Nice, But...

I like the color pay off, but the consistency is just really thick and hard to manage. I just got it today, so I'm going to give it another day and if I'm not feeling it, I'm taking it back. Really, I wanted a blue pencil for my water/lower lash line, but I got this because it was the color I wanted. So I'm probably going to return it, but it is a good blue liquid liner.

Raven N.

This stuff has a super duper weird texture for an eyeliner. It is going to sound worse than it is when I describe it - kind of thick/sticky/goopey. When I pull the brush out it is way too thick and the brush seems a little too big for this thick of a product. You end up having to maneuver the tip of the brush around the opening of the tube to scrape off product and shape the tip into a usable tip. If the brush was thinner then it wouldn't matter so much that a lot of product came out. Also, the texture/brush combo make it extra hard to do a nice pointy wing. But that aside, I do like the eyeliner. It has really good color payoff, probably the best liquid blue liner I have used. It is really shiny when you put in on and feels weird at first because it stays sticky and wet for a few minutes. But then when it finally dries it is matte and that stuff stays! Man I put a line on the back of my hand just for a color test and it stayed on the back of my hand for like 2 days, (obviously I wash my hands) - so this is SUPER waterproof and even soap proof. Unless you have a really good makeup remover it can be rough to wash off. I have only tried the blue one, but I would recommend based on this one! In the picture, I just want you to see the goopey looking brush, and how thick the formula looks.

Dana A.
Great formula, Shitty applicator

I advise you to apply some product on a separate applicator and apply. The brush is rubbish, you will have to crut up the opening of your eyeliner trying to remove the gluey mess and trying to thin the brush out.

Amazing color though and you are more likely to complain that this thing cant freaking be removed rather than complaining that it doesnt stay. Very pigmented as well. No strange smells.

Marcie H.
Pretty color but think

I love the colors they have available but very thick. I had trouble removing it from my eyes and the hand swatches I did to test out the colors.