INFINITE Liquid Liner


Monica V.

I Absolutely Love This Eyeliner!! I've Tried All Types All brands and This One Beats All Others None Of Them Come Even Close To This Eyeliner. I would definitively Recommend It!! I Have Not Tried And Other Eyeliner In Almost A Year And That Says A LOT About The Eyeliner, Before It I Would Change Eyeliners Every 2 Months!! You Will Definitively Love It As Much As I Love It,, Especially Because It's Actually Water Proof!!! Not Like A Lot Of Others That say They Are But Truly Aren't..

Misty B.
Will never use any other.

This is the only eyeliner I will probably ever use again in my life. It stays on all day, it's waterproof, it doesn't smug or crack or anything. It is the most perfect eyeliner you will ever use. I have tried many different products such as covergirl & MAC just to name a few and nothing I mean nothing has ever came close to this one. You will love it too.

Rachelle R.
we have a WINNER!

If you follow my reviews you know that I am obsessed with finding the PERFECT eyeliner. My dear friends, we have a WINNER! This is not for the "newbie" or someone who has issues with eyeliner application. I recommend this to someone who is well versed in how to manipulate product, apply liquid liner, and has no problem looking past the brush that is given but finds the one that works for them. I have mildly oily hooded eyelids and I have been battling the dreaded eyeliner transfer for a few months now. This liner is awesome. The pigment is great, the consistency is nice and it is totally waterproof and smudge proof. People critique the formula to be "goopy," which is why I say this is for a more advanced eyeliner wearer. The "tar like" consistency = using a little at a time. If you have hooded lids, make sure you set it. It does take a good eye make up remover to get this stuff off, but it does not crack or flake and has a matte finish. Try it. I've read reviews where it is compared to MAC or Bobbi Brown liquid liners. I haven't tried those but figured it was a compliment.

vanessa l.
Love this STUFF!

I cant stop speaking about how much i love this stuff. Yes its true its goopy nd the brush isnt that good. But common havent you always wanted a drugstore product that even when you stay under water at the pool or beach it wont kum off or even smudge a bit. just like someone else suggested use a different brush. i reccomend this product to everyone, HANDS DOWN!

Jazmyn M.
Give it a try

I feel like im the only one that truly loves this liner, yes the consistency is a little different then most but i think that's what gives it GREAT staying power. It really does last 24 hours. Ive worn it to the beach, in the shower ive even slept with it on and it just does not budge. I love love love this product i definitely wanna check out the blue and green ones. :]

Kamaile R.
I love the thick formula, wish it had a felt tip brush instead/or at least a thinner brush!

I use this every day for my liquid cat eyeliner look, whether I am wearing eyeshadow that day or just the liquid liner and some mascara! I absolutely love it, it stays on literally all day long. I can wear it for 12 hours and it won't flake, crumble, smudge, or budge on my eyes :) I will probably never turn back after trying this product. In my opinion, the only con is the brush applicator...If I am moving to quick with my strokes, I can easily make a mistake and you can see a tiny "brush hair line" if that makes basically ruins the whole straight line that I just had and requires me to touch it up...but hey that's my fault for moving too quickly! Maybe I just need more practice :)

Lisa R.
AMAZING but...

Purchase at: target, walgreens, cvs Price: ~ $7.00 Consistency: gel Applicator: brush

This is definitely my all time favorite liquid eyeliner from a drugstore. Actually, it's my all time favorite liquid liner EVER. I use the Infinite Liquid Liner in Everlast (I guess I can't vouch for the other colors) which is a super pigmented, opaque black. This is called a "liquid" liner BUT it has the texture of a gel liner which I definitely prefer. The liner stays put and doesn't flake. Honestly, I've thrown it on around noon, went to the gym, went to the bar, didn't wash my face (shame on me), went to sleep, and it was still perfect the next day (this wasn't an isolated incident...unfortunately lol). My ONLY problem with this liner is that I go through the tubes so quickly whereas gel liners that come in a pot last me for like half a year or more. I will be buying a new tube of this (I'm currently running low -- you can tell because it gets really stick and there's not much product on the brush) to keep for travel/quick application purposes. But for everyday, do my makeup at home wear, I will be purchasing a traditional gel liner that is applied with a brush. I was torn between MAC's fluidline or wet'n'wild's mega eyes creme liner, both of which I love. Most likely I'll go with wet'n'wild because it's creamier and the product doesn't dry out as quickly as fluidline.

Priscilla D.
No Good!!

Maybe it was the one I bought but this eyeliner sucks! It came out all goopy and thick and plain out nasty. I'm even thinking about getting another one just to make sure but I just threw the other one away!