XXL Pro Curl Mascara

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Liz A.
Must try out!! ^__^

This has been by far the best mascara i have used... some mascaras would be too wet for ur lashes and can droop them down some mascaras can be too dry and clump easily this mascara is the best of both worlds! its like the perfect formula so it in between wet and dry :D i love the brushes as well ..they really do make a difference ..especially if u like curly lashes ;) i also like the primer it comes with because it really makes ur lashes as best looking as they could be throughout the day...i love everything about it so i would toatlly reommend this to a friend ..especially for its price as well... :DD

Jessica B.

I have long straight lashes. I have tried using other "curling" mascara's. This one is the only one that stands up to what they say. It doesn't clump on me. It doesn't create raccoon eyes. My eyes look so bright and lashes look so nice and curled. I love this mascara.

Yesenia R.

I love this mascara because it curls my lashes and it adds lenght and volume to my lashes. I really recommend this product to everyone because its cheap and it does its work. I've been using it like for about 4 years ago and I havent change it I love it so much.