Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


Nelly R.

This gel liner litteraly stays on for hours.i love it because I have really oily eyelids and this alone doesn't get on my crease or smudge or fade.the color as well is nice it goes with any color eyeshadow.for the price it's a really good buy I don't have any concerns with this product I recommend this to any one a budget looking for a good gel liner.And it's also really really easy to apply.

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Natasha R.
Photo of product included with review by Natasha R.

I really love this product! Works really well and goes on super smooth. I use it very often and have even preferred it over any other (liquid/pens/pencil). I also love the small amount of glitter in it. I have had it for awhile and it is still very moist. I prefer using a Mary Kay liner brush than the one it comes with because it seems to clump up and is really hard to remove the product once its on the brush. However, I am very satisfied and is definitely in my top faves.

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Krystiane S.
easy to apply

I love this product. It is very smooth and creamy. It is easy for me to use, much easier and softer than pencil liner. For me it lasts all day. I love it. Will be getting it again (:

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Christina B.

I really enjoy this liner. The brush it comes with is not that bad either. However a flat liner brush does make it much easier to apply. I've had mine almost a year and it hasn't dried out yet. As long as you close it tight and don't leave it opened idly I think it will be fine.

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Deepti M.
Affordable and fantastic

I actually love this gel liner. It's so cheap and it's so accessible. It's really pigmented and it lasts forever. For gym, I had swimming for four weeks, and I wore this, and none of it went around my eyes, and I didn't have to touch up my makeup like all of my friends (the color faded just a bit, I have it in charcoal, so it faded to a shimmery gunmetal type grey, I liked it though.) It's not as creamy as Bobbi Brown or MAC Fluidline, but it's still pretty fantastic, especially when you think about the price. The brush that comes with it isn't that great though - it hardens really fast, and you have to scrape off all the gel liner, wet the brush, AND THEN get the product on it. I'd recommend using a different eyeliner brush rather than the one that comes with the product. Love this eyeliner, use it daily. :)

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Karen P.
My go to Gel liner

I have three other gel liners and this one is the one I gravitate to the most! It goes on smooth and has great staying power. It makes my eyes pop and it creates a beautiful winged out look!

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Julianne J.
Pretty good gel liner

I got this awhile back, when I was hunting for an affordable creme/gel eye liner. I think I wanted the pure black shade, but somehow managed to get the charcoal one. I like the shimmer in this though, and it makes me think of Urban's Oil Slick liquid liner. The brush was actually pretty good, surprisingly. The handle was sturdy and easy to manage, and the brush had a nice stiffness and the silkiness of synthetic brush hair. I used this liner for a cute cat eye look. I used the edge of an old library/credit, etc. card to create a fine, straight edge, for the side of my wing. I thought it came out pretty well, and the brush worked really well too. This hasn't dried out on me yet- which is amazing given the fact all my other drugstore/elf creme liners have. The pigmentation is pretty good, but needs to be built up, and I think there is a tendency for the product to crumble up a little. I plan on playing around with this an eyeshadow base, and using different eye brushes with it. I love the packaging, and there is a good amount included in the little pot. So far, I have really liked Maybelline's Eye Studio products, except for a few problems, here and there. I do want to purchase more of these at some point, but I'm happy with Charcoal, for the most part.

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Pamela M.
Loving these Gel Liners
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This maybelline Gel liner was actually my first ever gel liner of any kind..and I completely LOVE it .. since I began using this..I hardly ever use any other type of liner anymore..I still use liquid once in a while..and very rarely ever use a pencil liner..Im pretty faithfulnow to my newest love..Maybelling Gel liners.and the tiny liner brush that comes with the its amazing too..Im definately in love with this set!!...normally in Charcoal but today I purchased a different color..its SAPPHIRE I havent used it yet..but its beautiful on the package,as was the charcoal,that why I made my first Im hoping this one will be just as amazing!! This product will definately keep a home in my makeup cabinet .. permanately...definately a re-buy..

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Susanna F.
Easy to use, and great brush!

I'm really really bad at liquid and gel eyeliner, but this one is so easy to use! And I love the brush that comes with it. It dries really fast, so you only have a little bit of time to smudge. It lasts all day, the color is opaque, and I really can't say anything bad about it. A must have!!

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Autumn G.
Good First Try!

All I could find was Charcoal, I'd like a little bit darker shade, but beside that I find it easy to use, which was my biggest worry. It lastes a long while and makes creating wings easy!! :D

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