Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


Quynh A.
not perfect

for $10 dollars, this product is not worth it. The brush is hard to make perfect lines or wing liner. Also, the color pay off isn't great. It dries up really easily. It doesn't stay all day. Although the package is decent & doesn't take up so much space it's great if you just want something soft and not such harsh lines.

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Nikki L.
Perfect Gel Eyeliner

My favourite Gel Eyeliner. I have brown, black, black gold and black violet. Found the black to be more pigmented than the MAC black track gel liner. I recommend this to anyone looking for a long lasting easy to use gel liner. The brush is ok, but applies better with a pointed eyeliner brush, and wash the brush after use or the liner will dry hard on the brush.

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Kayla L.
Love it!

I have used this shade in both black and brown for almost two years now and am not even tempted to try anything else. This stuff not only applies very smoothly, but STAYS ON all day long. When I get home after a 14 hour day, it is still on and looking great. Don't even bother with the brush it comes with -- it does not deliver a smooth line (my favorite eyeliner brush for gel is the Mac 208). Just be aware that is can smudge easily if you touch your eyes...otherwise, you can't go wrong.

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Nini N.

My first time using gel liner and I had no problem applying it! It goes on really smooth and the liner brush is a plus! The brush can be used for thick or thin lines and there is no smudging or fading. It never failed me. I only had brown because I wanted the lines to be soft and not harsh like black. I recommend this for anyone who is a first time user of gel liner!

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Rachel C.

i really like this gel liner. it was my first time using a gel liner and i quickly fell in love with it and i heard good things about the brown shade ( because i tryed the black first) and i wanted to try out the brwon shade because the black worked so well :) okay the forst time i opend the cap to look at the gel it looked a little light and once it was on my eye it was more dark then i thought and it looked more natural :) plus i love how it comes with a brush to XD <3

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Kristal D.
The best gel liner..what I am I saying BEST LINER!!!

Hate the brush that comes with it, but the product is amazing! It doesn't flake off, the color is it last all day, and it is dirt cheap! I am so glad that I purchased it from watching a review of it on LisaFreemontStreet (youtube channel). I use it in my photos if you want to see how it looks. Great stuff!

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Amelia R.
Buying Every Color

I LOVE gel liner. I only like the Stila liquid liner, and all other liquids I just find impossible. I have tried the Stila gel liner as well, and this was very similar in consistency and everything, but this one didn't dry up as fast as the Stila one. (maybe I should've screwed the cap on tighter but I digress). I love that this comes in actual colors - purple and emerald green - not only black and brown. Also, had this for about a year, still barely half empty

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Vi-An T.
So easy to apply

I'm a noob in makeup application and have just recently started doing eye makeup. I love this! it's easier to apply than pencils or felt tips, and I love the finish! Definitely going to be a staple of mine :D

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Celine d.

I love the brown shade for its subtle shimmers on it. Very pretty! I also adore how very pigmented it is and the fact that it does not smudge and it is sweat proof. The brush that comes with it is surprisingly good as well. And did I mention how cheap it is? However, it fades during the end of the day. So all in all, it is still a great gel liner and definitely worth your money.

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Dani C.

I bought this on sale at Ulta a couple of days back. I've been getting into different gel liners and I really like this one. It's creamy and glides on really smooth. It sets very nicely and definitely stays on...even in light rain that I got caught in. It sets pretty quickly which is good and bad...if you make a mistake then you'll have to use remover. But excellent drug store choice! Just get rid of the brush. It's too stiff and actually hurt when I used it. Get another one!

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