Eye Studio Color Tattoo


Kylie M.
Okay, but not quite a base

I bought this in hopes of it being a base to help some of my shadows really pop. It doesn't really make colorful shadows pop; on the contrary it sort of washes them out. The consistency isn't really very creamy. Mine was actually kind of chunky. Not at all an alternative for the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

Katerina J.
It's Okay But Not That Unique

I read tons of reviews of these babies and I thought they would be amazing. Maybe I just had super high hopes, but I definitely was let down when I bought it and tried it. First off, the too cool color isn't that unique. If you're wanting a base to make your colors "pop," I'd go with the NYX milk color. They dry out pretty easily too. They crease and need a primer to stay on. Guess for the price they weren't too bad, but I am not going to be buying anymore anytime in the future.

Dayana M.

I love it ! .. its pigmented its rich and creamy .. its easy to apply and also easy to get and unexpensive .. also comes with a lot of product you wont run out soon :) I cant wait to try more colors I definitely recommend it :)

Stephanie S.
Might be a good alternative to NYX Milk?

I am not really a big fan of white bases, but if you like them, this one might be for you. Too Cool is a slightly blue-based white with some fine shimmer. It does perform nicely as a base, but on its own it is not nearly as pigmented as other Color Tattoo shades. Sadly, it is not my favorite, but I do use it sometimes on my bottom lash line as an alternative to white or nude liner.

Lauren C.
Very good!

I really love this product. I got it when buying waterproof makeup products. I figured this would be good for my job. I work at a day camp all summer so I wear this every day. I wear the white color under my brow or on my eyelid. This stays on the entire day! I go to work in 90 degree weather (sometimes higher) from 7:30am-4:00pm and it stays on all day. A great product, definitely need to buy other colors as well!

Julianne J.
Great shimmer, not sure about mini glitter particles

I wanted to get Too Cool because I wanted more of these babies, and wanted to get a product that could double as cream shadow AND facial highlighter, that would be similar to higher end creme highlighters, but would be more accessible and less expensive, yet still get the job done. I wanted Too Cool to be part of my personal MU collection, and as a cheap highlight for my MUA kit. Its just as how I expected it to be- a cool, frosty white, with plenty of shimmer and shine. I love the packaging, texture, amount of product, and that its hasn't dried AT ALL. I have an eggplant ELF liner that dried on me so fast- if anything this puppy has gotten creamier! My only mini qualm is the little micro glitter. Sometime I find it stands out too much. For the eyes, I don't mind the glitter because it can worked with/played with/covered with diff. shadows with diff. finishes and its perfect for sparkly colors to top it. For a highlight, I'm not too keen for the glitter, but luckily its small enough to get covered and like the eyes, I can use this as a facial HL base with some shimmer powder over it. This did crease on me, because its so creamy, but I could probably remedy this issue. All in all, its still a great buy- but is only making me want the rest of the set EVEN MORE.

Sophie N.

I am going in 7th grade, and i don't wear much makeup. I thought i might try this white cream. I loved it! It wasn't too bright, but it wasn't to light either. I definitely recommend this product.

Shelley W.

I purchased Too Cool to work as a base for a peachy pink shadow I have. From reading rav reviews about it I thought I would be equally successful as well. Instead it highlighted every flaw on my lid immediately after application . Instead of looking smooth my lids looked an aged wrinkle mess. I do give it kudos for longevity because it took several swips with make-up remover. Bad sadly I returned it. I was really hoping that it would work out for me.

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Alison G.
Better than MILK?!?!?!

I love white/pearl bases... I always do a light color on my lids and dark in the crease and always use white as a base... For years NYX's jumbo pencil in MILK has been my holy grail until now... The color is amazing with the perfect amount of shimmer... The staying power is unbelievable... Never creases and never fades... Looks great as a base or by itself. The price is not bad either!

Christina H.
Amazing, Long Lasting, Shimmery

I've seen people using NYX pencil in Milk, and I picked this up hoping it would be a good base. It is amazing! I never have any creasing like I do with other cream eye shadows. I usually put Lime Crime Candy Eye Primer under, and I just really love it. Although it's shimmery, the shimmers don't show up under a bright matte eye shadow, like Sugarpill Buttercup Cake. Great color for the inner corners.