Eye Studio Color Tattoo

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Mimi L.
Cute and Convenient. LOVE!

I bought theMaybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranite Punk. I am loving it. It doesn't budge and has great pigmentation. It's perfect for busy days in which you need to rush out the door. It's easy to apply and it still looks great! If you're into the MAC Paint Pots, this product is really something to check out. Both products have the awesome creamy texture that's really easy to use and both last all day. I think that the biggest differences are the color selection and, most definitely, the price tag. The Maybelline has both neutral and really colorful shades to choose from, while the MAC sticks with very neutral colors. For ever Paint Pot you Purchase, you can get three of these Maybelline shadows. Overall, this is an awesome product, and the price makes it an absolute steal! I'm totally eyeing the Tough as Taupe. Hopefully I'll add it to my collection really soon!

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Tiara R.
so in love with this

I used this for the first time yesderday and i must say it is so easy to apply and blend. i also love this colot and i love that its kind of simmery

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Victoria D.
They're okay

These shadows are definitely unique, but I do find some problems with them. Application can be patchy and uneven at times. When I go to apply this, sometimes the top of the product will be hard, making it hard to get the creamy, gel consistency it's supposed to be. I always make sure to close them tightly too, but still find the same thing. Also, the product can kind of build up on my finger, and not transfer onto my lid evenly. It can be difficult to get the product from your finger onto your lid. Despite these issues, these still make wonderful bases. Even with the uneven application, they're great for adding another dimension to the eyeshadow you apply over them. I have no problems with creasing either. These are a so-so product. I like the ones I own, but I'm not running out to buy them all. I don't reach for them as often as I'd like to because they can take some times to work with.

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Shalana M.
Amazing quality
Photo of product included with review by Shalana M.

Lasts SUPER LONG. It doesn't crease on my lids which have folds AND is oily. This is a dream product. I'm making it my mission to buy all colors I like.

Kit P.

This is the colour I grab when I'm in a rush and need to look stellar. I've used it for every occassion, as the colour is just bold enough to make your makeup look way more complicated and time consuming than it actually is.

Pat it on with a dome shaped brush and smudge black pencil along your lashline for a smokey effect (without it being heavy).

Kimberly B.

I love these especially Pomegranate Pink. They stay all day and they are really pigmented. Pomegranate Pink is absolutely beautiful and I found it works perfectly with my hazel eyes. Only thing is it is way easier to apply with a brush than with your finger. When I apply with just my finger it is hard to keep in the place you are trying to put it. I would recommend this to anyone!! Great product for a great price.

Randi D.
Great for Everyday Wear

I have these in 3 shades, pomegranate punk, audacious asphalt, and tenacious teal. Overall pomegranate punk is my favorite because it has some amazing sparkle to it. I wore it by itself with some mascara and liner in the waterline and it looked great. You don't have to top these with powder eyeshadow so they won't crease. They're great for quick and easy makeup looks, especially for people who don't have makeup brushes. Also it lasts for an extremely long time. It lasted for approx. 16 hours on me, no creasing whatsoever.

Daniella P.
Now I know why there sold out EVERYWHERE

So of coarse every store i checked they were sold out of these soon as i saw they had some i got the last Fierce and Tangy and Pomegranate Punk !! they are so amazing ...Pomegranate punk is my favorite ...if i just put it all over my lid and put a soft brown in my crease with a highlight it gives a gorgeous smokey eye & doesnt even need a primer

Charnell C.
best alternative to a paint pot

I have 3 of these products and they all go on smooth and they give you time to work with them before setting. After it sets, its not budging!!! Vibrant color, the eye tattoos can be worn alone or as a base. I choose Pomergrante Punk, as its my favorite. Use PP as a base with NYX Rust eyeshadow or MAC's Cranberry.

Soma S.
Texture is similar to Benefit's creaseless cream shadows...

Another hype drugstore product I was reluctant to buy, but glad I did. The texture is identical to my creaseless cream shadow in Skinny Jeans, and if I were to dip my finger in either of them, I would be unable to distinguish the two with my eyes closed. MUFE Aqua creams are much harder and more difficult to blend, but they last longer. I don't own anything similar to pomegranate pink, and it really is a gorgeous color. I use this on my lids with Handwritten by MAC in my crease, blended out with Swiss Chocolate and Ricepaper on my browbone for a work appropriate look. They are nowhere near 24 hours worth of lasting power, but they hold up to my 8-14 hour days of work and school decently. It fades by maybe 15-20% by the end of the day with UDDP as a base. Still def. worth the money, and a great stepping stone into cream shadows with a drugstore alternative. =]