Eye Studio Color Tattoo

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Thasneem S.
Long Lasting, Doesn't crease!

i wear it for the whole the 9 hour day and it stays in place and also has a great color payoff. It dries really fast so that means you have to work with it really quickly but it is a great product I've had it for a year now and I always grab it to go if I'm running late and I still have loads left in the pot! Great for beginners too.

Liv B.

i have two different shades and these are so awesome! love them so much, and also have had it for quite a while amd still have a lot of product left which is fab! def recommend!

Nadia N.
Love these

I was hearing for a longtime the hype on these. I was in a bind for a base so I broke down and got one. I think I like them better than paint pots and urban decay 24/7 shadow pencils. These lasted on me a long time and my glitter and eyeshadow didn't crease. I think it helped my UD primer potion work even better. Highly recommended and will buy more!

Robin H.
Buy It!

These eyeshadows stay on FOREVER!!When they say 24hr,they are not lying!i always where these when I go swimming!When I'm done,it looks like I just put it on.For only like $5,you have to have one in your makeup collection!

Naomi F.
Amazing product

These are super awesome! I love the smooth texture of these and they seriously do last 24 hours! They are very pigmented. The only thing I don't like us the shades. There are only two neutrals and all are shimmery. I would be so happy if they made one like painterly from Mac.

Sonia T.

old school chic. it stays long, it is easy to apply, easy to take off.. it is even an amazing eye shadow base! the color is suitable for all skin types and all eye colors, ot never looks inappropriate or exaggerate. It looks good in the summer with a tan or in the winter with a pale face. total must-have!

Lucy C.

LOVE THESE. They are really easy to apply and they stay on for a long time and they look soo pretty on top of shadows. Excellent primers and really good color selections!

Jessica M.
in love...

I got this at my local CVS and I absolutely love it!!! It's so richly creamy and pigmented. And this bronze is beautiful. When it comes to removal, it can be a tad tricky, but nothing a good makeup remover can't handle.I definitely need some more!!!

Aishah H.
great eye shadows

These are great for a quick look. I have dry lids in general but other cream shadows do crease on me. I don't need a primer with these and I sometimes pat a shadow on top for a cool effect but in find they work great alone

Mary Anne M.
My Go-to for Day-to-Night Eyeshadows

My favorite shade out of all the Color Tattoos! I find it to be the most versatile of any of the shades, as it's a great neutral base and a great, classic shade of an eyeshadow in and of itself. I love pairing this with powder eyeshadows because it's soft and so easy to blend into, and because it's neutral it's hard to mess up. I love wearing this as a base and lid color, with purple or cool-toned powder eyeshadows smoking the outer corners of my eyelids. It's a great day-to-night eyeshadow, and I've never really had to go out looking for eyeshadow primers since using this.